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Enhance Your Backyard Experience

There isn't much better than stepping out your back door into your very own backyard oasis. That private paradise is even more special during the summer months, when you can enjoy swimming and lounging in and around your pool. The Leslie's mission is to always make sure you're able to make the most of your pool and outdoor experience, so we thought we'd offer some ideas on how to upgrade and enhance your backyard.

Highlights include:

Leslie's Pool Floats

Pool Floats

Leslie's Pool Basketball and Volleyball

Pool Sports & Games

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Pool Deck Box

Pool Deck Box

No matter the size, shape, or style, the pool is always the centerpiece of your backyard, so you want to make sure that your water is clean, clear, and inviting. But let's take a look at some of the extras that can really transform your experience.

Pool Floats

Floating the afternoon away in your pool is almost as relaxing as it gets. Pool floats come in a wide range of sizes and forms, from the tried and true inflatable rings and pool noodles, to elaborate ones that are motorized or can fit you and 10 of your closest friends.

Many kids are fans of ride-on floats, generally in the shape of some fun creature (adults actually love these too, but most just don’t like to admit it). Ride-on floats usually keep you upright in the water so you can move around the pool using your legs.

Another group of fan favorites are the the loungers. Picking your perfect lounger can be a challenge, but only because there are so many to choose from. Options vary from simple, wave-style loungers that conform to your curves, to those that situate you in more of a seated position so you can keep an eye on the action around the pool.

Check out Leslie's online selection of floats.

There also are loungers with netting and cutouts so your body or legs can remain immersed in water, as well as loungers with features like drink holders and coolers on board (because sometimes you just don’t want to get out of the pool). There are also motorized loungers, for those of you want to be fancy and cannot be bothered to paddle.

Don’t want to float alone? Options include double loungers, round two-person islands, and huge inflatable personal playgrounds that fit 10 people or more.

Pool Sports & Games

Another way to enhance your backyard experience is to add some elements for pool sports and games. Those who love a little competition will spend hours in the pool playing pool basketball, volleyball, and water polo if the setup is solid.

Other basics include balls, hoops, diving rings, spray guns, and more. And if you're looking for some next-level items, you can always add a floating blackjack table or an island chipping green.

Check out Leslie's online selection of pool sports gear and games.

Outdoor Decor

A great way to upgrade and enhance your backyard experience is to try to make some of your outdoor living features more like your favorite indoor living features.

Whether it's relaxing outside of the pool or eating beside it, the right furniture, lighting, and accessories can completely transform your environment.

Outdoor furniture has come a long way from the old fold-up lawn chairs and wooden picnic tables. Stylish, sprawling sectionals, complete with coffee and/or side tables make for a great look, and can quickly enhance the look of your backyard. For smaller spaces, you may want some individual seating, like comfy chairs and loungers. There are options for outdoor bar sets as well. And don't forget quality furniture covers to make your investment last.

For patio tables and chairs, you can choose from a variety of styles and construction options — from teak, to tile, to weatherproof resin rattan, or powder-coated steel — to suit your preferences and climate.

Check out Leslie's online selection of backyard accessories and patio furniture.

To prepare the food for those dining areas, make sure you've got a good grill so you can enjoy all of those summer food favorites.

Add a colorful umbrella, a portable pergola, or even a gazebo or patio cover to shade you and your family for hours of fun and relaxation.

To continue your poolside fun into the evening, outdoor lighting is essential. LED tiki torches and floating, color changing pool lighting can create a fun atmosphere. You can also choose trendy strings of outdoor lights with Edison bulbs, delicate Chinese lanterns, and twinkling LED light strips that can be cut to fit anywhere. Pair the light strips with your sound system and watch them sync with the music. Beef up that sound system with some wired or wireless speakers, some of which are completely waterproof.

If nights are still cool in your area, or for those winter months, an outdoor heater or fire pit will warm things up and add great ambiance.

Other Stuff to Enhance Your Backyard

  • It might seem unnecessary, but a portable outdoor shower can be convenient for you and helpful for your pool's filtration system. Rinsing off before jumping into the water rinses away potentially harmful contaminants. Many portable outdoor showers are solar heated and can also be used for camping or other outdoor settings.
  • A pool deck box is a great place to store, well, pretty much anything that you use outdoors. It can also serve as an extra seat if you're the last one out of the pool for lunch.
  • A pool slide is an adventurous and fun addition to your pool. Slides come in a wide range of prices and configurations. Just do your homework to find the best slide for your pool and your space.
  • An exterior TV screen is a luxury that will probably get a lot of use. Another option is an outdoor projector screen to watch your favorite movies outside.
  • Other fun options are underwater stools and tables — with built-in coolers. These are offer a cool way to stay in the water while keeping your favorite beverages cold and convenient. Some pool stools and tables include lights that add a nice glow to pool happy hours with friends.

Enjoy It All!

Adding one, a few, or a lot of these suggestions can make your backyard experience perfect for you and your family. Find out which additions are right for you and enjoy!

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