Inground Pool Liners

Liners For Inground Swimming Pools

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Custom Estimates

Leslie's offers custom estimates for your replacement inground swimming pool liner.

Just fill out our simple form and one of our experts will call you within 24 business hours to review your measurements and process your liner order.

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Inground Liner Patterns

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Liner Accessories


Save more by replacing your pool liner yourself with Leslie's DIY Inground Pool Liners!

Inground Swimming Pool Liners

Leslie's offers inground swimming pool liners in a variety of rich unique patterns. Our simple free quote process makes it easy to get a replacement liner quickly. Leslie's has inground pool liner experts ready to help walk you through measuring your pool and getting each step of the process right. With Leslie's you get a pool liner with a perfect fit, every time! Fill out our form to have someone contact you, or if you already have all your pool details, fill out our measuring form and email it to

Click here to view available liner patterns.

How To Replace an Inground Pool Liner

You can save thousands of dollars by replacing your pool liner yourself. In just a few days, this DIY project will make your pool look brand new. Here is how you can install your new liner yourself.

1. Drain

Drain the pool completely, to a downhill location or storm drain. Remove all wall fitting and step screws and faceplates. Cut-up and roll-up the old liner.

2. Prep

Prep the floor and walls. Clean off the walls, sand and paint any rusty spots. Fill-in any cracks or divots in the floor with our Palmetto Vermiculite.

3. Install

With 1-2 helpers, spread the liner over the pool and lock the liner bead into the track at the top of the wall. Install main drain covers.

4. Vacuum out the air

Set-up the Cyclone liner vac, or large wet/dry vac to draw out the air from behind the liner, drawing it tight against the walls and floor.

5. Fill the pool

Run the vacuum until water covers the shallow end floor by 3-6". Screw on step cover plates and continue to fill the pool until full.

6. Finishing Touches

Install the skimmer and return faceplates and gaskets, along with the pool light ring and gaskets. Turn on the filter pump, and balance the water!

Inground Pool Liners: How To Pick The Right One

In-ground pool liners are an essential piece to the perfect pool. Often once you install it, the liner is there for a good, thanks to the permanent decking around the pool. So make your choice carefully and keep several things in mind.

First, you want an in-ground pool liner that you love the looks of, one that will compliment your outdoor space and make you happy when you look at it and swim in it. Second, you’ll want to pick out the gauge, or thickness, of the vinyl itself. If you live in a harsh climate where it freezes a lot in the winter and real hot in the summer, the thicker the better. One thing to keep in mind are liner accessories like a roll of in-ground pool wall foam that provides a smooth wall back and prevents your liner from wearing down from rust or corrosion.

You can also choose to install your liner over stairs for a fully integrated, solid look.

We offer many different types of liners. To help determine which is best for your pool, check the different descriptions below and call our experts if you have any additional questions.

  • Standard: 20 gauge floor - durable, economical, traditional
  • Deluxe: 20 gauge floor, 28 gauge wall – durable with thicker wall for older pool walls, where ladders bump, floats and toys hit, etc.
  • Heavy Duty: 28 gauge floor and wall for more durability, puncture resistance, uneven pool surfaces, longevity, peace of mind