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Phosphate Removers

Phosphate remover for pools contain lanthanum, which traps phosphates in your pool filter. Pool phosphates are also known as algae food, so it’s important to maintain a low level of phosphates in your pool water which can in turn help limit potential algae growth. Keeping a low level of phosphates, along with maintaining proper sanitization, water chemistry balance, and pool filtration/circulation are the best methods at preventing algae in your pool water.

Leslie’s Perfect Weekly Triple Action Phosphate Remover - Maintain phosphate levels of 100 ppb or less

Leslie's Perfect Weekly Triple Action Phosphate Remover 3L is the only 3-in-1 product for pool maintenance that can remove phosphates, oils, non-living organic contaminants, and help reduce water evaporation for energy savings and healthier pool water.

Natural Chemistry Pool Magic + PHOSfree - Remove phosphates below 300 ppb

Natural Chemistry Pool Magic + PHOSfree 1L is perfect to use after a heavy rain storm and can act as a “phosphate shock” to quickly remove phosphates that were introduced into the pool water. Pool Magic + PHOSfree is also great to use in the spring for pool opening as well as in the fall for pool closing for trouble-free pool maintenance.

Leslie’s noPHOS Phosphate Remover - Remove phosphates above 300 ppb

Leslie’s noPHOS Phosphate Remover is an extra strength formula that is 20% stronger than regular PHOSfree. Leslie’s noPHOS is great for correcting phosphate levels of 300 ppb or higher in most residential pool applications. Once the phosphate levels have been reduced, you can then use a phosphate management product like Leslie’s Perfect Weekly to maintain phosphate levels below 100 ppb.

Natural Chemistry PHOSfree Extra Strength Phosphate Remover - Remove very high phosphates of 2500 ppb & above

Natural Chemistry PHOSfree Extra Strength Phosphate Remover 3L quickly reduces extremely high phosphate levels from pool water. Natural Chemistry PHOSfree Extra Strength is specifically designed for large commercial and large residential swimming pools.

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