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Specialty Pool Chemicals

Pool Clarifiers

Pool Clarifiers help keep your swimming pool water crystal clear. Most pool water clarifiers work by coagulating smaller particles such as dust and other contaminants into larger sized particles, allowing the filter to remove them from the pool water more effectively.

Pool Stain & Scale Removers

Pool Stain and Scale Removers are an important part to help keep the appearance of your pool looking clean and inviting. Pool stain removers are often used to lift mineral or metal stains from the pool surface. In addition, there are pool stain preventers which help prevent pool interior surface staining and calcium scaling on pool tile surfaces.

Phosphate Removers

Phosphate Removers can help prevent algae growth in pools. Pool phosphates are essentially food for algae, so it’s important to maintain low levels of phosphates which help limit algae growth. Once high levels of phosphates have been treated and removed from the pool water, there are products to help maintain the phosphate level below 100 ppb.

Pool Cleaning Chemicals

Pool Cleaning Chemicals can be used in many different applications such as pool tile cleaning, pool filter cleaning, and outdoor deck cleaning. Pool cleaning chemicals help not only with your pool’s appearance but also help keep your pool and surrounding deck area clean and well-maintained.

Helpful Articles

What’s the difference between Pool Clarifier and Pool Flocculant?

When you have cloudy pool water, chances are the water chemistry is imbalanced and or small dirt and debris are present in the pool. For fine debris that keeps passing through the pool filter, you need a coagulant, which is either pool clarifier or flocculant. But what makes them different and why use one over the other? Check out our expert-written article, Pool Clarifier vs. Flocculant for a detailed overview of both and which one is best to clear your cloudy pool!

How do I remove pool stains and calcium?

Pool stains can come in the form of metal staining, scaling or even organic staining. Check out our in-depth guide, How to Remove Pool Scale and Stains for how to identify pool stains as well as how to remove and prevent pool scale and stains in your pool.

How do I manage phosphates in my pool?

Maintaining low levels of phosphates in the water, along with proper water chemistry balance, sanitization, pool circulation, and pool filtration are the best ways at preventing algae growth. Check out our expert-written article on How to Manage Phosphates in a Pool for more information on how to remove and manage phosphates in your swimming pool.

Why should I use Leslie’s Perfect Weekly for my pool?

Leslie’s Perfect Weekly is the only 3-in-1 pool maintenance product that removes phosphates, breaks down oils and non-living organic contaminants while reducing water evaporation for healthier pool water and energy savings. Check out our helpful article, Introducing Leslie’s Perfect Weekly on why Leslie’s Perfect Weekly is the perfect combo for you and your pool!

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