Pool Stain & Scale Removers

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Pool Stain & Scale Removers

Pool Stain Removers

Pool Stain Removers, like Leslie’s Stain & Scale Remover, are used to quickly remove unsightly stains from pool and spa surfaces. Stain buildup is unsightly and eventually cause damage to pool equipment.

If you need help removing stains from a fiberglass pool or spa, we recommend using our powerful metal stain remover, Leslie’s Stain Remover. After applying this concentrated compound to your pool surfaces, we also recommend adding Leslie’s No Metal Stain Remover to prevent the stains from returning. Similar to all pool chemicals, make sure to read the label for recommended dosage and always test your water chemistry during routine pool maintenance.

Recommended Pool Stain Removers:

Pool Scale Removers

Nobody wants to see scale rings, crust or film on their swimming pool and spa surfaces. Scale removal and prevention are key to keeping your swimming pool surfaces (ex. tile, acrylic, fiberglass, etc.) from accumulating scale over time.

Recommended Pool Scale Removers, aka Pool Calcium Removers:

Helpful Articles

How do I get stains out of my pool?

First, identify the stain and/or scale buildup in your pool by using this quick guide: How to Remove Pool Scale and Stains. Then, follow the quick tips in the guide to remove stains and scale, and prevent them from ever returning.

How can I manage the metals in my pool water?

There are many ways that metals can enter your pool water, including rain water and other pool chemicals. If pool water is unbalanced and corrosive, metals have an easier chance of increasing and causing a problem. Learn more about metals, metal staining, and how to remove, prevent and balance your pool water with our expert guide: How to Manage Metals in a Pool.

How Do you Remove Scale from a Swimming Pool? — Video