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Above Ground Pool Liners - More Information

Replacement above ground pool liners are one of the most economical and simple ways to update the look of your above ground swimming pool. Above ground pool liners allow you to define the style of your above ground pool and improve the look and aesthetic of your entire backyard. There are different styles or types of pool liners for above ground pools to consider. The types of above ground swimming pool liners are classified as overlap, beaded and unibead. These pool liner styles each offer varying installation options and features. At Leslie’s, we have many above ground pool liners to choose from so you can find the perfect vinyl pool liner that’s right for you and your pool.

Overlap Pool Liners

The most commonly used above ground pool liner style is overlap pool liners. Overlap pool liners are the most affordable and cost effective pool liner for above ground pools. Overlap pool liners hang over the wall of the swimming pool and are secured with coping strips. Any excess vinyl liner that is hanging over the wall is easily trimmed to provide a clean finish. There are also expandable depth overlap pool liners for above ground pools that do not have a continuous depth or feature a deep end.

Beaded Pool Liners

Beaded above ground pool liners come in many different attractive designs and patterns. Beaded pool liners are easy to install and replace. Beaded pool liners are installed by snapping into a bead receiver, securing the vinyl liner to the pool wall. There are different bead types depending on the brand or manufacturer of the pool, so it’s important to note which brand or bead type you are replacing.

Unibead Pool Liners

Unibead above ground pool liners offer more versatility in how they are installed. They can be installed as a j-hook which is hung on the pool wall like an overlap liner or fitted into a bead receiver track like a beaded pool liner for easier installation. Unibead pool liners can replace any standard beaded pool liner or overlap pool liner, making them a great option for a replacement vinyl liner for your above ground pool.

Above Ground Pool Liner Protection

To help protect and increase the longevity of your vinyl liner, we have a great selection of above ground pool liner protection supplies and accessories available. Pool liner floor padding acts as a protective layer preventing sharp debris such as rocks from damaging the vinyl liner on the pool floor. Pool liner cove helps reduce straining or increased wear on the pool liner while providing a smooth transition from the pool floor to the wall. Pool wall foam will provide an additional layer of protection between the vinyl liner and the pool wall from punctures and other potential damage.

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How do you repair or patch a vinyl pool liner?

If you notice your above ground pool has a leak or is losing water too rapidly, more than likely you have a rip or tear in the vinyl liner. Want to know how to effectively patch your vinyl pool liner? Check out our expert-written article, How to Patch a Vinyl Pool Liner for some easy-to-follow steps on how to patch and repair your pool liner.

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