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Swimming Pool Heater and Heat Pump Information

Natural Gas and Propane Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters are more efficient than ever before, saving you energy and money. Most natural gas pool heaters have an electronic ignition, fan assisted combustion and low-Nox emissions. The Raypak digital natural gas heaters are a customer favorite with easy-to-use LCD display and state-of-the-art components. Most natural gas pool heaters also have a propane pool heater equivalent with Cupro-Nickel heat exchangers for corrosion resistance in saltwater pools.

Pool Heat Pumps

Electric pool heat pumps are a great option to deliver the most cost-efficient way to warm-up your pool. Heat pumps are powered by electricity to absorb surrounding ambient heat and transfer that to your pool water. Raypak and Pentair are industry-leaders in pool heat pumps, with state-of-the art compressors and titanium heat exchangers that offer best-in-class performance and environmental superiority.

Pool Solar Heaters

Another way of heating a swimming pool is with Pool Solar Panels or Coils. Solar pool heaters are highly efficient, using no energy other than the sun, connected together for a high output solar heating system. For a lower cost solar heating option, some solar pool heater systems work with an ordinary garden hose that lays in the sun, to heat the water before returning to the pool. 5' diameter Solar Sun Rings float on the pool surface, each delivering up to 21,000 BTUs of heat with zero heating costs.

Pool Cooling Pumps

Leslie’s Pool Supplies has a solution to chill the temperature of warm swimming pools during summer. Pool chillers are electric heat pumps such as our TropiCool Chiller that operate in reverse to remove heat from pool water during hot summer months. Heat/Cool pool heat pumps will heat or cool your pool water, such as the Raypak Crosswind. Chillers and Heat/Cool heaters feature a titanium heat exchanger that is ideal for saltwater pools. Available in different sizes, pool chillers use a simple digital controller to maintain water temperature accurately, all year around.

Here at Leslie’s, we offer all the most reliable and popular manufacturers and brands such as Jacuzzi, Pentair, Hayward, Raypak, and many more!

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