Chemical Dispensers

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Chemical Dispensers

Automatic chemical feeders and floating dispensers are used in almost every pool to dispense the perfect amount of chlorine or bromine for crystal clear water.

Take the guesswork out of how much sanitizer to put in your pool with an automatic pool chemical feeder. Chemical feeders come in many different sizes, providing consistent water sanitization for commercial and residential properties.

In-Line Chemical Feeders

In-Line Chemical Feeders are plumbed-in directly with the PVC piping, making them a more permanent installation. This is a simple installation, but remember to install the in-line feeder after everything else.

Off-Line Chemical Feeders

Off-Line Chemical Feeders however are a little different. To install an off-line chemical feeder, small holes are drilled into the plumbing for a line-in and line-out. Then feed tube hose with saddle clamps secure the hose into the existing PVC plumbing. When the use of the chemical feeder is not required, the hoses can be removed and the holes plugged or capped off easily. This makes off-line chemical feeders ideal for temporary use as it can be removed without having to replumb.

Floating Chemical Feeders

Leslie’s Pool Supplies also offers a variety of Floating Chemical Feeders. These floating chlorine dispensers distribute chlorine in the pool or spa at all times. This is due to the chlorine feeder always floating in the main body of water. Simply stack the chlorine tablets or bromine tablets inside of the erosion chemical feeder and adjust the distribution amount at the bottom by twisting the lower collar.

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