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Pool Pump Replacement Motors

Pool pump motor replacement is a common practice among pool owners. The most common reasons that a motor would need to be replaced include failed bearings, corrosion inside and/or outside the motor, failed start and run capacitors, and motor age. When replacing a pool motor, you will need to keep in mind the frame type, horsepower, whether it’s up-rated or full-rated. We also recommend replacing the shaft seal when installing a new motor.

Single Speed and Dual Speed Motors

Single Speed and Dual Speed Motors have man-made magnets that slowly draw more amps over the life of the motor due to a loss in polarity. They also utilize non-sealed front and rear bearings making them more susceptible to water damage. Single-speed and dual-speed motors are air-cooled, requiring adequate space around the motor for cooling.

Pump Motor Frame Types

48 Frame: Thru-bolt motors with built-in pedestal used on spas and above ground pools. Fits Astra, Dynamo, Executive, Hi-Flo, JWPA, Pinnacle, PowerFlo, OptiFlo.

48Y Square Flange: 4-holes on a square frame, bolts to pump housing. Fits Anthony, Hayward Max-Flo II, StaRite MaxeGlas, DuraGlas, DynaGlas, Pentair UltraFlo.

56C Keyed Shaft: Round C-Flange motors with slotted shaft to fit old-style bronze pumps by American Products, Anthony, Baker-Hydro, Purex and Sta-Rite/Swimquip.

56J C-Flange: Round C-Flange motors with threaded shaft used on Hayward inground pumps, fits MaxFlo, Superpump and Super II, Jacuzzi Magnum and Jandy HP.

56Y Square Flange: 4-holes on a square frame, bolts to pump housing. Fits Pentair Challenger, MaxeGlas II, DuraGlas II, SuperFlo, SuperMax, WhisperFlo.

56Y is interchangeable with 48Y. Both frame types have identical bolt hole spacing, face and shaft. 56Y frame has a ½” larger barrel diameter than the slimmer 48Y, which includes a rubber spacer to adapt.

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The task of replacing a pool pump motor can be difficult, but we're here to make sure you get it done as quickly, easily, and successfully as possible. Take a look at our expert guide on How to Replace a Pool Pump Motor HERE