Dual Speed Replacement Motors

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Dual Speed Replacement Pool Motors

Pool pump motor replacement is a common practice among pool owners. The most common reasons that a dual speed pump motor would need to be replaced include failed bearings, corrosion inside and/or outside the motor, failed start and run capacitors, and motor age. When replacing a pool motor, you will need to keep in mind the frame type, horsepower, whether it’s up-rated or full-rated. We also recommend replacing the shaft seal when installing a new motor.

Dual Speed Pump Motors

Dual Speed Motors have man-made magnets that slowly draw more amps over the life of the motor due to a loss in polarity. They also utilize non-sealed front and rear bearings making them more susceptible to water damage. Single-speed and dual-speed motors are air-cooled, requiring adequate space around the motor for cooling.

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The task of replacing a pool pump motor can be difficult, but we're here to make sure you get it done as quickly, easily, and successfully as possible. Take a look at our expert guide on How to Replace a Pool Pump Motor.