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Pool Solar Covers for Pools — More Info

Solar Pool Covers are one of the most affordable ways to conserve heat and reduce evaporation in swimming pools. Not only are they fairly less expensive than other pool cover types, Solar Covers, aka Solar Blankets, can pay for themselves in the first year by all the water and chemicals you will save.

Leslie’s solar covers are available in Round, Oval and Rectangle shapes to fit any size in-ground or above ground pool. Raise your water temperature by as much as 15 degrees with the power of the sun and a Leslie’s solar blanket!

Pool solar covers also hold the sun’s heat in the water when the nights begin to get chillier as the summer season concludes. By keeping the pool water warm, you’re extending the swimming and fun that you can have in the pool for the season. Solar Covers also work in spring, when the days and nights become mild, but aren’t too warm — the solar cover will kick-start the heating process and get you in the pool early.

Solar Cover Reels

To make this type of pool maintenance easier, we recommend combining your solar cover with a solar cover reel. Solar Cover Reels help you simply roll up the pool cover and keep it out of the way while you are enjoying the pool. We offer several types of cover reels for both in-ground and above ground pools.

Liquid Solar Blankets

If you want to avoid the maintenance of a solar pool cover, some pool owners opt to use a Liquid Solar Blanket, such as COVERfree from Natural Chemistry. Liquid Solar Covers are effective in helping decrease water evaporation.

Solar Sun Rings

Solar Sun Rings for a pool use passive heating by absorbing 50% of sunlight and converting it to heat. At nighttime, the contained air acts as an insulating blanket to retain heat that was gained during the daytime. Solar Sun Rings are compatible with all pool types and water sanitization.

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As one of the most affordable and efficient ways to heat a swimming pool, we definitely think that Solar Pool Covers are worth it! Learn how solar covers work to reduce water evaporation and trap warm air from the day. Also, find out which type of solar cover is best for your in-ground or above ground pool with our buyers guide, Solar Pool Cover Buyers Guide.

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Most pool owners want to get the most out of their swimming pools each year. But in many regions of the country, the swimming season may only be a few short months during the summer. With the help of Leslie's, you can now extend your pool season by weeks — or even months — extending your swimming time into the early spring and late fall. Top 10 Tips For Extending Your Pool Season.

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