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Liquid Solar Covers

Liquid Solar Covers for pools are an eco-friendly alternative to solar pool covers that help save money, heat, and water by reducing evaporation in the pool. Liquid solar covers create a very thin, invisible layer on top of the pool water’s surface. This forms an invisible barrier that conserves chemical and water use while preventing heat loss in the pool. Using a liquid solar cover for pools with a heater, will help save the time and energy to run the heater which can significantly lower overall pool heating costs.

Helpful Articles

Does liquid solar cover really work?

Liquid solar covers are an affordable way to help save on water, heat, and chemical loss, significantly reducing evaporation which occurs mainly at night. Check out our Pool Water Conservation FAQ for more information including how much water the average swimming pool loses a day due to evaporation.

How can I conserve water in my swimming pool?

Keeping your pool clean with routine pool maintenance is the foundation of helping conserve pool water. Want to know more ways on how to conserve water in your pool? Check out 5 Tips to Conserve Pool Water for some easy tips on how to save on your pool water usage.