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CA Transparency In Supply Chain Act

California Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure - CA SB 657

Leslie's Poolmart, Inc. ("Leslie's") expects its vendors and suppliers of the products we sell at Leslie's retail stores, direct order and online (collectively "Suppliers") - including Leslie's Poolmart, Inc. exclusive-branded product - to maintain fundamental and high ethical, labor and human rights standards. Specifically, we include policies in our Vendor Agreements requiring that Suppliers represent and warrant that they will not use any forced labor, prison labor or forced or illegal child labor and that the products are not trans-shipped for the purpose of mislabeling, evading quota or country of origin restriction or for the purpose of avoiding compliance with forced labor, prison labor or child labor laws. Suppliers failing to meet our labor and human rights standards or the terms of our Vendor Agreements would be in breach of our agreement. At this time, we do not perform audits on our Suppliers.

At Leslie's, we maintain standards and procedures for our employees in the Leslie's Code of Business Conduct. Failure by an employee to follow the standards set forth in the Code of Business Conduct may subject such employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. At this time, there is no direct training on human trafficking and slavery.