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Pool Water Balancers

Balanced pool water is essential to maintain high water quality that’s clean and healthy for swimmers to enjoy. At Leslie’s, all our pool balancing chemicals are of the highest quality so you know you’re getting the best pool chemicals to maintain your swimming pool water.


Alkalinity is essentially the resistance to change for the pH of the pool water. The more balanced total alkalinity is, the easier it is to adjust and balance the pH. Low alkalinity levels in the water causes the pH level to be unstable or fluctuate easily. Leslie’s Alkalinity Up active ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, which is used to raise or increase the alkalinity level. High alkalinity levels in the pool can decrease the sanitizing effectiveness of chlorine and makes the pH level difficult to adjust. Leslie’s Dry Acid active ingredient is sodium bisulfate, which is used to lower or reduce the alkalinity level in the pool water.


pH is how acidic or how alkaline the water in the pool is. It’s important to maintain balanced pH, which helps with sanitizer efficiency, longevity, and the overall swimming comfort of the pool water. If the pH of the pool water is low, it becomes acidic which causes chlorine to deplete more quickly and in addition, promoting corrosion of the pool equipment or etching of the interior pool surface. Leslie’s Soda Ash is sodium carbonate for pools, which raises or increases the pH level in swimming pools. If the pH is high in the pool water, it will be alkaline which severely reduces the effectiveness of chlorine and in addition, increases calcium scale formation along with eye and skin irritation.

Calcium Hardness

Calcium Hardness along with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are important to keep in balance to be able to easily adjust water chemistry levels and protect the condition of your pool surfaces and equipment. If the calcium hardness is low in the pool water, it can cause the water to start leaching minerals from the pool walls and corrode pool equipment or pool rails, damaging your pool overall. Leslie’s Hardness Plus is calcium chloride for pools which raises the calcium hardness level in pool water. A high calcium hardness level means the water is too saturated, requiring more chemicals than what would normally be necessary to balance in addition to increased scaling in the pool.

Cyanuric Acid

Pool Stabilizer & Conditioner or cyanuric acid (CyA), protects the chlorine sanitizer in the water from being destroyed by the sun’s uv rays. Low cyanuric acid or low stabilizer levels allow the sun to burn-off chlorine at a rapid rate, which significantly increases chlorine consumption and decreases chlorine effectiveness. This results in unsanitary pool water, allowing bacteria and algae to grow. Leslie’s Instant Conditioner Plus is a liquid stabilizer that’s easy to use, raising or increasing the cyanuric acid levels so the chlorine in the pool is protected from sunlight degradation. High levels of cyanuric acid or high stabilizer in the pool water can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine, increasing the amount of time it takes to kill bacteria and algae in the pool.

Helpful Articles about Pool Water Balancers

What chemicals are needed to balance pool water?

There are many aspects of pool water chemistry and it’s important to ensure they are all in balance or in the desired ranges for safe and healthy water. Check out our expert-written article, Pool Chemistry 101 for a quick breakdown of the different aspects of pool water chemistry and what pool chemicals are needed to adjust and maintain them in their ideal ranges.

How do I adjust my pool water balance?

Need some tips on how to adjust your swimming pool water? Check out our guide on How to Balance Pool Water for an in-depth look at what it takes to maintain balanced pool water to help ensure the health and safety of your pool water.

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Water Chemistry 101: pH & Total Alkalinity Video

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