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Pool Maintenance

Taking care of an inground or above ground pool doesn’t need to be difficult, but requires some routine maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Maintaining a pool is one of the single most important aspects of being a pool owner.

Pool Opening Supplies

Pool Opening is an exciting time of year for pool owners! Before you take the plunge, there are a few things to check, clean and balance. Let’s take a look at the Pool Opening Supplies needed to make your pool water sparkling and equipment running like new.

Pool Opening Chemical Kits

Leslie’s Pool Opening Kits include all of the chemicals you need to kick off the season right! There are multiple kits to choose from, depending on your pool size and additional add-ons, like the SpringPill or Pool Refresh. Take the guesswork out of pool opening this spring with a Leslie's Pool Opening Kit!

Backwash & Vacuum Hoses

With the right pool vacuum hoses from Leslie’s Pool Supplies, keeping your swimming pool clean is simple and inexpensive. A good pool vacuum hose will not crimp under suction or deteriorate when stored in exposed outdoor areas. We recommend routine inspection on your backwash and pool vacuum hoses to avoid any air leakage from wear and tear.

Pool Cleaning Attachments

Pool cleaning attachments are an essential part of pool ownership and make pool maintenance a less time-consuming chore. When it comes to keeping your pool clean, Leslie’s offers the largest selection of pool cleaning attachments and pool cleaning equipment for every aspect of pool maintenance. We standard and heavy-duty pool brushes, leaf rakes and nets, and pool vacuum heads. Don’t forget a telescoping pole to help clean all the hard to reach places in your pool!

Handheld Pool Vacuums

Whether you have a smaller pool, or just want to spot-clean some areas, find the perfect handheld pool vacuum from Leslie’s Pool Supplies. These affordable pool cleaners are designed to handle the toughest of jobs!

Chlorine Floaters

One of the most basic, but essential, pieces of routine pool maintenance is the Chlorine Floater. Just drop a few 1” or 3” chlorine tablets in the floating dispenser and enjoy even chlorine distribution throughout the pool.

Water Testing Kits

Routine water testing in the pool or spa is extremely important all year round. Pool water testing frequency depends on a number of factors, including temperature, pool size, number of swimmers, and how frequently the pool is getting used. Warmer temperatures and higher usage require more frequent testing. Find the best water test kit, test strips and reagents to help you keep the water chemistry balanced throughout the year.

Pool & Deck Paint

Swimming pool paint from Leslie’s Pool Supplies is an affordable way to give new life to any concrete swimming pool. Whether it’s a complete painting refresh or just a touch-up, our pool and deck paint products are high quality and easy-to-apply, designed to last for years.

Service Tools, Lubricants & Sealants

Looking for a specialty tool to fix your pool equipment? Need the perfect product to find and stop a leak in your pool plumbing? No matter what tool or repair supplies you need, Leslie’s will help you get your swimming pool looking and running like new!

Replacement Filter Cartridges & DE Filter Grids

Filter Cartridges trap debris as water passes through the pool filter and are designed to run with less pressure than a sand filter system, putting less strain on the pool pump. Replacement Filter Cartridges are affordable and low maintenance. When you notice that the filter cleanings are becoming more and more frequent, it may be a good idea to replace the filter cartridge. Another sign to change the filter cartridge is if the water flow has dropped and the filter cartridge has a high differential pressure. Shop our large selection of Replacement Filter Cartridges and DE Filter Grids today!

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