Pool Opening Chemicals

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33 Results

Pool Opening Chemicals

Leslie’s Pool Opening Kits: packed with amazing value and industry-leading chemicals that you need to get your pool water swim-ready to start the swimming season off right. Leslie's has the best Pool Opening Kits available to help make opening your above ground pool or inground swimming pool hassle-free this season!

Leslie’s Perfect Weekly Triple Action Phosphate Remover: designed to remove phosphates, oils, non-living organic contaminants, and help reduce water evaporation for energy savings and healthier pool water. Use Leslie’s Perfect Weekly at a rate of one capful per 8,000 gallons of pool water weekly for superior water quality and to maintain phosphate levels of 100 ppb or lower.

InSPAration Pool Refresh & Moisturizer: adds a moisturizer to the pool water that will not affect the overall pool water chemistry. Use inSPAration Pool Refresh for soft feeling skin after a swim while adding a clean smelling scent to the pool water.

Leslie’s Instant Pool Water Conditioner Plus: is an easy pour liquid stabilizer that protects chlorine from damaging UV sunlight the instant it’s added to the pool water. Leslie’s Instant Conditioner Plus also includes an added surfactant for quicker application. One gallon of Leslie’s Instant Pool Water Conditioner Plus raises the CyA level by 32 ppm per 10,000 gallons.

What chemicals are included in Leslie’s Pool Opening Kits?

  • Leslie’s Chlor Brite Dichlor Granular Chlorine Pool Shock is a quick-dissolving concentrated chlorine pool shock providing a boost of chlorine when opening the pool for the swim season.
  • Leslie’s Algae Control Pool Algaecide and Algae Preventer eliminates algae and also prevents future algae growth from forming which is perfect to add right at pool opening or use for weekly maintenance.
  • Leslie’s Ultra Bright Advanced Pool Clarifier clears up cloudy water quickly, helping remove small particles and debris so they are easily filtered out for sparkling clear pool water.
  • Leslie’s Stain & Scale Prevent will prevent calcium scale build-up as well as metal staining in your pool to help keep your pool tile and interior pool surfaces clean and stain-free.
  • Leslie’s Perfect Weekly Start-Up removes phosphates to help prevent potential algae growth, breaks down non-living organic contaminants, and reduces water evaporation reducing chemical and heat loss. (Included in the Deluxe and Premium Pool Opening Kits only)

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