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Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Cover

Pool covers provide many benefits including (but not limited to): keeping debris out of the water, inhibiting algae growth, blocking UV rays (to prevent chlorine degradation), reducing water evaporation, and heat loss.

Before deciding which pool cover to buy (above ground or inground), it is important to consider the pool shape, size, season and why you need a pool cover. The guide below should provide helpful information about the different types of pool covers for your inground pool or above ground pool.

(Our covers are listed by pool size and shape)

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers for inground or above ground swimming pools are designed to use rays from the sun to produce heat. A solar swimming pool cover can heat your pool’s water by up to 15 degrees (saving you on heating costs by 50% to 70% and extending your swimming season). For easy storage and installation, these covers can be paired with solar cover reels to help minimize the struggle of covering and removing your solar pool cover.

Leaf Net Pool Covers

Leaf net covers for above ground or inground swimming pools are made with lightweight, durable woven material to help prevent leaves and other debris from landing in your pool. Leaf net covers can also lay on top of winter covers for added protection – they will need to be removed before the snow begins to fall.

Winter Pool Covers

Finding the right winter pool cover for your inground or above ground pool depends on your winter weather conditions. We offer a variety of winter covers that vary in scrim/thread count, sizes, warranty lengths, and other features. Our winter pool covers are designed to protect your pool from leaves and other debris, prevent algae and bacteria growth, and offer thermal protection. Solid winter pool covers can be used with leaf net covers.

Safety Pool Covers

Safety covers are important for inground pools to minimize any drowning risk for pets and children. There are two options for safety covers – mesh and solid safety covers. Mesh safety pool covers allow water to drain through, while leaving leaves and other debris on the cover for easy removal.

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Listed below are articles and services to help you choose and maintain your above ground or inground pool cover.

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What Size Winter Pool Cover Do I Need? — Video

At Leslie’s Pool Supplies, we’re here to help you keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape, all year round! If you live in an area that requires you to close the pool for the winter, you may want to protect your investment with a winter pool cover. Learn how to properly size a winter pool cover for your inground or above ground pool with our expert video!