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Essential Winter Pool Cover Supplies

Winter pool cover accessories help protect your pool during the winter season and allow for an easy, quick opening in the spring or summer. Leslie’s Pool Supplies carries a variety of pool closing products that will help you close your pool at a great price. Listed below are winter pool cover supplies needed based on your swimming pool type (inground or above ground pool).

Inground & Above Ground Swimming Pools:

Pool Cover Pumps : used to remove rain water and melted snow from the cover’s surface. This is necessary in order to reduce any weight off of your swimming pool cover throughout the course of winter. Leslie’s carries both automatic or manual cover pumps. Automatic cover pumps remove the water after it reaches a certain level. In contrast, manual cover pumps will run whenever they are plugged in.

Leaf Rake: allows for easy leaf and debris removal, if you are not using a leaf net pool cover.

Inground Pool Winter Covers:

Water Tubes or Aqua Blocks: both options hold your inground winter pool cover in place and keep your pool protected during winter months.

Above Ground Pool Winter Covers:

Air Pillows: used to prevent a solid ice sheet from forming across your above ground pool, therefore preventing stress to the pool's walls. They also raise the winter cover into a tent-like shape to keep leaves, rain and snow at the pool's outer edges where it can be easily removed. To use pool pillows, simply inflate the pillow and place it in the center of the pool, under the winter cover. Larger swimming pools will need several pillows for maximum protection – grommets allow you to connect several pool pillows together with rope or twine.

Pool Pillow Pal: used to connect your winter cover and air pillow to ensure that freezing water does not build up in the middle of your pool. No ropes or ties are necessary!

Cover Clips, Cover Seal, or Wall Bags: any of these options can be used to keep your winter cover in place. They can also help improve wind blocking. As an added bonus, all above ground winter pool covers come with a cable and winch kit!

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Is it better to cover your pool in the winter?
A: It depends! Your location plays a huge role in answering that question. In fact, some people in the far south regions of the U.S. may not ever have to worry about closing their pool at all. To learn more, our Do I Need to Winterize My Pool? blog below provides more information on why one would want to winterize their pool (specifically for colder locations).

Q: What is the best way to close an inground or above ground pool for the winter?
A: Winterizing your swimming pool may seem complicated. But with some preparation, it can actually be a simple, pain-free process. Leslie's has compiled a set of step-by-step instructions to help you safely and properly close your pool (based on your specific pool type) on our Winterizing an Inground Pool and Winterizing an Above Ground Pool blog.

What Size Winter Pool Cover Do I Need? — Video

At Leslie’s Pool Supplies, we’re here to help you keep your swimming pool in perfect shape, all year round! If you live in an area that requires you to close the pool for the winter, you may want to protect your investment with a winter pool cover. Learn how to properly size a winter pool cover for your inground or above ground pool with our expert video!