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Round Winter Pool Covers

Winter covers protect pools during the cold winter months from unwanted debris and algae. The UV resistant material keeps sunlight and contaminants out of your pool, preserving your pool water while reducing the need for chemical application. The covers are designed to be incredibly durable with heavy-duty, heat treated seams – ensuring your above ground pool is ready for the next season.

Some winter pool covers are thick and are designed to protect your above ground swimming pool from falling debris and small animals. Other winter covers are lightweight and built for easy installation and removal. Thicker covers are likely to carry a longer warranty from the manufacturer, but are usually more expensive than lighter covers.

To find the best size for your round winter cover, you will need to measure the diameter across the center of the pool. Above ground winter covers are designed to have a 3’-4’ overlap on each side.

Installing a Round Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools
  • Install an air pillow on the pool surface – underneath the cover. Air pillows are designed to protect your pool walls against freeze expansion from the layer of ice that forms at the pool's surface.
  • Do not inflate your air pillows more than halfway. This is done to prevent the air pillow from bursting due to ice pressure. Ropes may also be tied around the pool edge and through grommets located on the air pillow(s) to keep them in place during the winter.
  • Loosely drape the cover over the entire pool, and tuck the cover flat against the pool walls and surface.
  • After pulling the cover across the pool, use wall bags around the edge of the cover – placing them 18 inches apart.
  • Fill the wall bags between ½ and ¾ full with water – do not fill them more than ¾. This prevents the bags from rolling around or splitting open if the water freezes.

Our Winter Cover Services

Every pool has specific needs, and every pool owner will want to find the perfect winter cover for their pool and budget. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff and technicians can help you find the type of winter cover that is right for you and your above ground pool. Leslie's also offers the Winter Watch Program in certain areas (please check to see if this is available in your area). Using this program, Leslie’s trained technicians will visit your pool and perform winter-related maintenance services. For any of these services, give us a call at 800-537-5437 or visit your nearest Leslie’s in-store location.

What Size Winter Pool Cover Do I Need? — Video

At Leslie’s Pool Supplies, we’re here to help you keep your above ground swimming pool in tip-top shape, all year round! If you live in an area that requires you to close the pool for the winter, you may want to protect your investment with a round winter pool cover. Learn how to properly size a winter pool cover for your above ground pool with our expert video!