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Pool Closing Kits

Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits: packed with incredible value and industry-leading chemicals you need to properly close and winterize your pool this off-season.

Pool Antifreeze: protects your pool plumbing from freeze damage, preventing any moisture in the pipes from expanding which can potentially cause cracks and burst pipes. Swimming Pool Antifreeze is safe to use in all types of swimming pool plumbing.

What pool chemicals are included in Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits?

  • Fresh 'N Clear is a non-chlorine oxidizing shock that eliminates contaminants, organic waste, prevents chloramines and frees up existing chlorine sanitizer in the pool water.
  • Algae Control is an effective pool algaecide and algae preventer, eliminating algae blooms and also helps prevent future algae growth during the winter months.
  • METALfree prevents metallic staining, discoloration and scale build-up in the pool, helping to keep your pool stain-free for next season. (Included in the Standard Closing Kit only)
  • Pool Magic + PHOSfree contains all natural enzymes that break down organics while reducing phosphates to help make pool closing simple and quick. (Included in the Premium Closing Kit only)
  • Stain & Scale Pill prevents scale and metal staining in your pool throughout the winter! (Included in the Deluxe and Premium Closing Kits only)

Helpful Articles

Why should I buy a pool closing kit for my swimming pool?

Pool closing kits are designed to have the right amount of chemicals needed to help make sure your pool water is protected throughout the winter months. Check out our expert-written article on Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits for a detailed breakdown of each pool closing kit!

Do you have instructions on how to use a Leslie's Pool Closing Kit?

Yes of course! Check out our easy-to-follow instructions for each of our pool closing kits from the links below: