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Leslie's Pool Closing Kits

Winter is inching closer and the outdoor temperature is cooling, which means it’s just about time to close up your pool until next summer. But before you cover it up, there’s some basic maintenance to take care of first. Knowing which chemicals will protect your pool this winter can feel tricky, but Leslie’s is here to help. Our Pool Closing Kits are designed with just the right amount of chemicals your pool water needs to stay clean, clear, and — most importantly — safe for the off-season.

Pool Closing Kits: All the Right Stuff

Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits contain every chemical you need to treat your pool when closing, and they come in three different sizes to satisfy every pool owner, no matter the pool size. But which chemicals are included, and what purpose do they serve?

Every Leslie's Closing Kit includes the following products, essential for closing your pool:

  • Fresh 'N Clear chlorine-free shock eliminates non-living organic contaminants in your pool, allowing your residual chlorine to work most effectively and efficiently.
  • Algae Control controls algae and prevents future outbreaks from forming during the long winter months.
  • METALfree prevents unsightly staining and discoloration in your pool to keep it looking pristine for next season. (Included in Standard Kits only.)
  • Stain & Scale Pill does exactly what it says on the label — it prevents scale and metal staining in your pool! (Included in the Deluxe and Premium Closing Kits only.)
  • WinterPill is a convenient, quick solution for adding enzymes to your winter water, leaving it clean and ready for the next swimming season.
  • Pool Magic + PhosFree provides a combination of enzymes and a powerful phosphate remover to help prevent an algae outbreak. (Included in Premium Kits only.)

Leslie's Premium Pool Closing Kit

Choosing Your Kit

With three different kits to pick from, which one do you need? Simple! The kits are packaged according to pool size. But if you end up purchasing a kit size larger than your pool actually is, no worries. Simply follow the label instructions for each individual product to ensure proper dosing and application, and you're all set!

Here's what you'll get with each kit, depending on the size:

Standard Closing Kit

Treats up to 7,500 gallons

  • 1 lb Fresh 'N Clear
  • 1 pt Algae Control
  • 1 pt MetalFree
  • 1 WinterPill

Deluxe Closing Kit

Treats up to 15,000 gallons

  • 2 lbs Fresh 'N Clear
  • 1 pt Algae Control
  • 1 Stain & Scale Pill
  • 1 WinterPill

Premium Closing Kit

Treats up to 35,000 gallons

  • 4 lbs Fresh 'N Clear
  • 1 qt Algae Control
  • 1 L Pool Magic+PhosFree
  • 1 Stain & Scale Pill
  • 1 WinterPill

Pool Closing Instructions

Although the assortment of chemicals can seem overwhelming at first, Leslie’s has created easy-to-follow Pool Closing Instructions for each of our kits, in addition to a Pool Closing Guide, which picks up where the kit instructions wrap up. If you follow Leslie's pool closing guidelines, and carefully read and follow the instructions on the chemical labels, you’ll be well on your way to properly and safely closing your pool.

Leslie's Standard Pool Closing Kit Instructions
Leslie's Deluxe Pool Closing Kit Instructions
Leslie's Premium Pool Closing Kit Instructions

Leslie's Closing Kits: The Smart Way to Close Your Pool

Closing down your pool for the off-season doesn’t need to be a painstaking chore. With Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits, you can have your pool water prepped for winter in no time. By taking the guesswork out of winterizing your pool, you can stop worrying about next spring and plan on opening with clear water!

If covering your pool with a winter cover or safety cover, be sure to follow all the steps in our previously mentioned Pool Closing Guide. You'll want to remember to remove all articles from the pool (ex. ladders, steps, etc) and drain all water from the plumbing lines and equipment.

As always, if you have any questions, call or visit your local Leslie's to talk to one of our pool care experts. We're here to help! Or, if you purchased a kit, but would prefer to have someone else finish winterizing the pool for you, you can always take advantage of Leslie's pool closing services, which are available in select areas.

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