Above Ground Pool Covers

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Above Ground Pool Covers

Above ground swimming pool covers provide many benefits such as keeping leaves or other debris out of the water, inhibiting pool algae growth, reducing water evaporation and helping increase heat retention. Using a pool cover for an above ground pool can help lower overall maintenance costs and save time in taking care of your above ground swimming pool as well.

Before deciding which pool cover to buy for your above ground pool, it is important to consider the pool shape, which is typically either round or oval, size, season and why you need a pool cover. Please check out below for some helpful information about the different types of pool covers for your above ground pool.

(Our above ground pool covers are listed by pool size and shape)

Above Ground Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers for above ground swimming pools are designed to use rays from the sun to help heat the water in your above ground pool. Most common pool cover shapes for above grounds are Round Solar Pool Covers or Oval Solar Pool Covers. A solar pool cover can heat your pool’s water by as much as up to 15 degrees (saving heating costs by 50% to 70% and extending your swimming season). For easy storage and installation, these above ground solar covers can be paired with a Solar Pool Cover Reel to help minimize the struggle of covering and removing your solar pool cover.

Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Finding the right Winter Pool Cover for your above ground pool depends on your winter weather conditions. We offer a variety of winter covers that vary in scrim/thread count, sizes, warranty lengths, and other features. Our winter pool covers are designed to protect your above ground pool from leaves and other debris, prevent pool algae and bacteria formation, and offer thermal protection. Solid winter pool covers can be used with leaf net pool covers.

Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Covers

Leaf Net Pool Covers for above ground swimming pools are made with lightweight, durable woven material to help prevent leaves and debris from landing in your pool. Above Ground Leaf Net Pool Covers can also lay on top of winter pool covers for additional protection. Before the snow starts to fall, however, they will need to be removed.

Helpful Articles about Above Ground Pool Covers

How much will a solar cover heat an above ground pool?

Solar Pool Covers are an affordable and efficient way to heat an above ground pool so you can swim more comfortably. Learn how much of an increase in water temperature a solar cover can provide. Also, find out which type of solar cover is best for your above ground pool with our Solar Pool Cover Buyers Guide.

What are some tips for installing above ground pool winter covers?

Installing a winter cover on your above ground pool is a great way to help protect your investment through the off-season. Check out our expert-written article, Winter Pool Cover Tips for some helpful points to remember when you install your above ground pool winter cover this fall.