Backwash & Vacuum Hoses

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Backwash & Vacuum Hoses

With the right pool vacuum hoses from Leslie’s Pool Supplies, keeping your swimming pool clean is simple and inexpensive. A typical pool maintenance set-up includes a good pool telescopic pole, pool vacuum head and a pool vacuum hose. These three pool vacuuming tools will give you the ability to vacuum your own pool through the wall skimmer.

A good pool vacuum hose will not crimp under suction or deteriorate when stored in exposed outdoor areas. We offer standard vac hoses and heavy duty vac hoses to meet your performance expectations and your budget. Leslie’s Pool Supplies pool vacuum hoses are made in the USA, with heavy-duty construction and sturdy hose cuffs. Choose a vacuum hose by diameter (1.25", 1.5" or 2") and by length, from 25' to 75' long. Select a vacuum hose that will barely reach the furthest point of your pool - longer vacuum hoses create extra work when priming and rolling the vac hose.

All-in-one pool vacuum systems like the Jacuzzi Pool and Spa Vacuum and Pool Blaster Catfish are battery-powered pool vacuums - durable, powerful and rechargeable. Also found on our Pool Vacuums page are vacuum accessories like skimmer vacuum plates that allow you to vacuum into the skimmer basket, and in-line leaf canisters that function as leaf traps, to prevent suction loss, and extend your vacuuming time.

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