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Calcium Hardness along with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are important to keep in balance to help balance water chemistry levels and protect the condition of your pool surfaces and equipment.

If the calcium hardness is low in the pool water, it can cause metal corrosion on pool equipment or pool rails. Low Calcium Hardness can also corrode concrete or plaster, tile or other surfaces in the pool structure. Leslie’s Hardness Plus is a calcium hardness increaser for pools which raises the calcium hardness level in pool water.

A high calcium hardness level means the water is too saturated, requiring more chemicals than what would normally be necessary to balance in addition to increased scaling in the pool. High Calcium Hardness can cause scaling, reduce chemical effectiveness and create cloudy pool water.

Helpful Article

How do I balance the calcium hardness in my pool?

Your swimming pool requires a certain amount of calcium to maintain an ideal water chemistry. Learn how to increase or decrease the calcium hardness level in your pool with this in-depth article: How to Balance Calcium Hardness in a Pool.

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