Pool Heat Pumps

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Swimming Pool Heat Pump Information

Pool Heat Pumps

Start your season early and end it later, while consuming less energy than Natural Gas Heaters. Pool heat pumps are one of the most cost efficient options to warm up swimming pool water. The initial start-up costs can be somewhat expensive but they are extremely energy efficient when in use. Pool heat pumps will pay for themselves after just a few seasons through the cost savings you'll see on your monthly utility bills.

So, how do they work? Pool heat pumps leverage a combination of outdoor air and a small amount of electricity to heat your pool water. They use electricity to power a fan and a small compressor, to absorb surrounding solar heat and transfer it into your pool’s water. Pool heat pumps require very little electricity, which is why they are a favorite accessory for many pool owners. Heat pumps only operate effectively in air temperatures above 50° F.

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