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Leslie's Perfect Weekly is the Perfect Combo

At Leslie's, we stand behind our motto -- pool care made easy. So when we saw an opportunity to partner with Natural Chemistry to create a new, time-saving product, we jumped.

We knew our customers absolutely love Pool Perfect +PHOSfree (which removes phosphates from your pool, preventing algae growth) and Cover Weekly (an evaporation barrier to help prevent heat loss).

Leslie's Perfect Weekly combines the benefits of Pool Perfect + PHOSFree, Cover Weekly, and a Clarifier ... all in one bottle. The cost of Perfect Weekly is far less than buying each of those independently, from us or any other online retailer.

Triple Action Formula:

  • Phosphate reducer to prevent algae
  • Breaks down organics to keep pool water clear
  • Evaporation barrier to reduce heat loss

Leslie's Perfect Weekly is a Leslie's exclusive product. Pick it up at your favorite local Leslie's store, or order it online!

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