Natural Chemistry - Pool Perfect + PHOSfree

Natural Chemistry  Pool Perfect  PHOSfree

Natural Chemistry - Pool Perfect + PHOSfree

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Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a weekly maintenance product that reduces phosphates and non-living organic waste to near zero in your pool. More Details

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Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a weekly maintenance product that reduces phosphates and non-living organic waste to near zero in your pool.
  • Add weekly to maintain near zero phosphates
  • Prevents waterline rings, chemical odors, and eye irritation
  • SMARTZyme technology reduces frequency of filter cleaning
  • PHOSfree technology removes phosphates
  • Safe for use in all types of pool filters including cartridge, D.E and sand filters
  • Weekly dosage improves water quality and reduces maintenance
  • Cleans waterline and filter while reducing surface oils and other non-living organics
  • Add directly to your skimmer with circulation system running
  • Natural Chemistry provides a simple, non-toxic solution
  • Designed for use in properly balanced pool water


Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a weekly maintenance product that reduces phosphates and non-living organic waste to near zero in your pool. By just adding one 4 oz. capful your skimmer with the circulation pump operating, it can treat up to 8,000 gallons of pool water per week. The benefits of Natural Chemistry's SMARTZyme technology combined with their PHOSfree phosphate removal technology, provides superior water quality with less work. With the benefits of Pool Perfect and PHOSfree combined, weekly dosages will improve your water quality and will reduce maintenance needed for your pool's equipment. Pool Perfect + PHOSfree will make your water feel soft and silky while it fights off all the non-living organics.

SMARTZyme Enzyme Formula

Natural Chemistry's SMARTZyme technology breaks down non-living organic contaminants in your water. Such things that get broken down are body oils, sweat, cosmetics and sunscreens just to name a few. Too much of an organic load in your pool causes the water to use up the sanitizer more rapidly. This creates more of a struggle for your pool's chemistry to keep the sanitizer levels where they're needed. When you use Pool Perfect + PHOSfree regularly, SMARTZyme breaks down more organics reducing the stress and demand while increasing the effectiveness and longevity of your pool's sanitizer.

PHOSfree Tech Phosphate Removal

Natural Chemistry pioneered the use of phosphate removal technology long before it was popular. The PHOSfree component of Pool Perfect + PHOSfree removes phosphates, or food for algae, from the water. Common sources of phosphates can be from leaves, rain, animals, and even from people swimming in the water. Maintaining low levels of phosphates in the water, along with proper sanitization, circulation/filtration, and water chemistry balance are the best way at preventing pool algae growth.

Two Proven Technologies for Easier Pool Maintenance

Use Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect + PHOSfree weekly to reduce phosphates and non-living organic waste. Doing so will help prevent pool problems like waterline rings, surface oils and unpleasant odors, leaving your pool's water clean, clear. For best results, make sure that the sanitizer level in the water is below 4ppm before adding to the water. Adding Pool Perfect + PHOSfree to your weekly maintenance routine will help reduce the use of other chemicals while saving time and money.

Common Questions:

What are the benefits of using Pool Perfect + PHOSfree weekly?
  • It helps prevent algae growth by removing phosphates from the water as well as helping reduce overall chemical costs. It breaks down non-living organic contaminants and helps keep water chemistry levels such as pH and Total Alkalinity in balance.
What color is Pool Perfect + PHOSfree?
  • The color is an Amber color.
How much of Pool Perfect + PHOSfree would you add for a 16,000 gallon pool?
  • You would add two 4 oz. capfuls for your weekly maintenance dose in the skimmer for a 16,000 gallon pool.


Taking advantage of naturally occurring enzymes, Natural Chemistry provides a simple, non-toxic solution to breaking down organic materials quickly and safely in your pool.
Cleaner, Clearer Water
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Product Type: Pool Chemical
Chemical Size: Liquid
Chemical Type: Phosphate Removal
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Manufacturer: Natural Chemistry
Dosage: 4 oz per 8,000 gallons
Chemical Type: Cleaner