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8 Creative Above Ground Pool Deck Designs

Are you a fan of relaxing on warm summer days in your above ground pool, but dislike its appearance in your yard? You’re not alone. Despite the numerous advantages of above ground pools, such as being cost-effective and easier to maintain, they often lack the aesthetic appeal of inground pools. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Whether you’re seeking ways to enhance the visual appeal of your existing pool or looking for inspiration before making a purchase, we have you covered with a range of ideas for above ground pools, suitable for any budget or backyard size.

Incorporate an Existing Deck

existing deck

Incorporating an above ground pool into an existing deck offers multiple benefits. This seamless integration creates a natural extension of the outdoor living space, contributing to a polished and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The utilization of the existing deck maximizes available space, minimizing the need for new construction and reducing material and labor costs. This cost-efficient approach streamlines the design, allowing pool owners to coordinate materials and colors for a unified look. Integrating the pool into the deck enhances accessibility, providing a user-friendly experience.

Decorate with Plants

above ground pool with plants

Greenery provides a natural and visually appealing backdrop, softening the lines of the above ground pool and integrating it seamlessly into the landscape. The varied textures, colors, and heights of plants and shrubs add depth and visual interest. With the greenery comes a more serene and inviting atmosphere, making the area a pleasant oasis for relaxation and enjoyment. This look doesn’t take too much effort, and it costs significantly less than a wrap-around deck.

Create a Fenced-in Deck

fenced in deck

A fenced-in deck enhances safety by creating a barrier that restricts access to the pool, particularly for young children or pets, reducing the risks of accidents. This enclosure serves as a visual boundary, contributing to a more organized and cohesive backyard design. The deck’s elevated platform offers convenient access to the pool while providing a designated space for lounging and entertaining; thus, maximizing the functional use of the outdoor area. A fenced-in deck complements safety, privacy, aesthetics, and functionality, making it a great option for homeowners with above ground pools. 

Drop it into the Deck

above ground pool drop in deck

If you’d like an inground pool look without the price tag, consider dropping an above ground pool into an existing patio deck. The lowered placement of the pool within the deck minimizes the visual impact of the pool structure, resulting in a more streamlined and modern appearance. This design choice avoids the stark contrast that can occur when placing an above ground pool on the ground level. The lowered pool becomes a subtle and integrated element, improving the backyard’s aesthetic flow. 

Map Out a Wrap-Around Deck

wrap around deck

Build an above ground deck that fully surrounds your above ground swimming pool. This concept significantly expands the usable space around the pool, providing ample room for lounging, socializing, and entertaining. A wrap-around deck offers versatility in design and layout, such as creating dedicated seating areas, sunbathing sports, and even built-in features like benches or planters. This layout provides easier access to the pool, improving the flow of movement and minimizing congestion.

Design a Multi-Level Look

multi level deck

If you’re looking to transform your above ground pool into a luxury swim spot, consider building a multi-level tiered deck to surround it. This high-scale design will take your backyard to the next level. While some multi-level above ground pool decks have functional purposes for each level, this isn’t required. Many homeowners choose multi-level decking simply because it opens up more design possibilities. You can even combine this deck style with other design elements, including a fire pit and built-in seating. 

Add a Concrete Slab

concrete slab

If you’re on a budget or not enough space, placing a concrete slab underneath your pool is a great option. The concrete slab provides a practical benefit to an above ground pool by serving as a stable and long-lasting base. This not only ensures the structural integrity of the pool setup, but also contributes to a more attractive space.

Place Down Gravel

gravel near above ground pool

Adding gravel around an above ground pool can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal in several ways. The texture and natural appearance of gravel create a visually pleasing and cohesive transition between the pool and the surrounding landscape. The earthy tones and varied shapes of the gravel contribute to an organic and harmonious integration with the outdoor environment. Gravel serves both a functional and decorative purpose; furthermore, it adds texture and visual appeal to outdoor spaces. It helps prevent erosion and mud around the pool area, providing a clean and well-maintained appearance. Because the use of gravel also facilitates water drainage, it prevents issues like puddles and ensures a cleaner poolside experience

Owning a beautiful deck can elevate the overall pleasure of your outdoor experience. It can provide a perfect spot to relax by the pool and maximize the benefits of your pool.

Ready to Purchase?

Considering purchasing an above ground pool now that you’ve been inspired? You’ve come to the right place! Leslie’s offers a variety of above ground pools fit for any size, style, and budget. If you have any questions or need help with purchasing an above ground pool, call or stop by your local Leslie’s to speak with one of our knowledgeable pool and spa professionals. 

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