Alternatives To Chlorine Tabs

Alternative Pool Sanitizers

If you're looking for the most effective pool Chlorine Tab alternative, you're in the right place! Chlorine Tab alternatives provide many different ways to effectively sanitize pool water, some of which greatly reduce the need for Chlorine. Benefits of some alternative sanitizers include ease of maintenance, softer water, reduced skin and eye irritation, and no more harsh chloramine odors.

Clean and clear water is at your fingertips with Leslie's line of exclusive, industry-leading pool shock! Pool shock's primary purpose is to oxidize ammonia, nitrogen compounds, and swimmer waste. Oxidation destroys these irritants and lets the remaining chlorine do what it does best: sanitize your pool!

Salt chlorination delivers a natural approach in sanitizing your swimming pool. It creates a swimming environment with silky soft pool water that won't irritate your eyes, skin, or hair. It produces no harsh chemical odors, which makes it an ideal alternative sanitizer.

QuikPure3 instantly breaks apart and destroys the chloramines by producing ozone, the safest yet strongest oxidizer available. This leaves nothing but clear, clean water and a healthier family environment.

Compatible with nearly all types of filters, the Delta UV is installed in-line with your pool equipment and uses a UV lamp to neutralize microorganisms, bacteria, and algae in your water. The side effects aren't just reduced chemicals and associated costs - you can also look forward to your water looking and smelling great, swimwear maintaining its color longer, and reduced skin and eye irritation.

Effectively eliminate algae and reduce the amount of salt chlorine production in your pool with this proprietary blend of minerals that fight algae and promote low levels of chlorine in your water. These minerals dissolve and form a stable residual throughout the pool water for up to 6 months.