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Keep Your Pool Clean & Clear with Salt Water Chlorinator

When it comes to swimming pools, attributes like clean, clear, and convenient are must-haves for pool owners.

An effective and often-overlooked option to conveniently get clean and clear pool water is a saltwater system. Complete salt chlorination systems such as a salt chlorinator allow you to manage your pool's chlorine levels without purchasing, transporting, storing, handling, or manually adding chemicals.

What?! How does it do that? 

Saltwater chlorine generators use pure salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs so you don’t have to buy, store, or handle chlorine-based pool sanitizer chemicals. Installing a salt chlorinator gives you the same sanitization performance as manually adding chlorine to your pool.

It sounds better, but how does it work?

A salt chlorinator is plumbed into a pool’s pump and filter system along the return side of the equipment setup. Once installed, the system adds ordinary salt to the pool water — typically less than a teaspoon per gallon, which is below human taste levels.

The chlorinator electrolytically converts the salt water into pure chlorine as it begins to flow. The chlorine is then automatically distributed to your pool, sanitizing your water by eliminating biological and bacterial growth.

The genius of the system is that when the chlorine breaks down, it becomes salt again. The system is regenerative — continually recycling the salt you added to the pool earlier instead of consuming it. You won’t need to add salt often, but some will be lost from splash-out of regular pool use. Most salt chlorine generators clearly indicate when more salt is needed right on the unit.

The ultimate concentration of salt water in your pool will be very low. It’s not enough to taste, but enough to make the water feel softer and silkier — another benefit! The resulting water is much easier on the eyes, skin, hair, and swimsuits.

To recap, the benefits of a saltwater pool system include:

Clean, Clear Pool Water with a salt chlorinator
Clean, Clear Pool Water

Limited Eye Irritation
Limited Eye Irritation

Easy on Swimwear
Easy on Swimwear

Limited Chlorine Odor with a salt chlorinator
No Harsh Odor

No Need for Tabs or Bleach
No More Tabs or Bleach

Salt chlorinator: a great choice for pool owners

Salt chlorinators keep your water clean and safe, among other benefits, without all the extra effort or side-effects of manually adding chemicals to your pool.

If you have more questions about saltwater chlorine generators or how pool salt systems work, contact or visit your local Leslie's. We can also help with the installation of a new salt unit. Our experts will have you getting the most out of your pool in no time!

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