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The AccuBlue Experience at Leslie's

A clean, safe, and beautiful pool comes down to proper maintenance. Unbalanced water can lead to inefficient and excess use of chemicals, scaling and corrosion, cloudy water, and equipment problems. Our always free in-store AccuBlue water test helps ensure proper pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and more for a complete diagnostic. It’s an experience you’ll only find at your local Leslie’s.

The AccuBlue Experience

  • FREE 10-point analysis of water sample
  • Precise results in 60 seconds
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Product recommendations and solutions
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Consultation with a Leslie’s pool care expert

Industry-leading technology

Leslie’s AccuBlue brings you the latest innovative technology and proprietary software, utilizing a database of more than 50 million water tests to ensure the highest level of accuracy under any conditions. The result is the most precise and comprehensive water analysis and treatment plan available.

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AccuBlue Water Testing Done Right

Customized treatment plan

With each AccuBlue water test, you'll receive a treatment plan that's tailored to your specific pool. We take the guesswork out of balancing your water with easy-to-follow instructions.

AccuBlue by Leslie's Desktop Test Results Example
AccuBlue Results Icons

Complete chemistry analysis

Most other water tests only check for a few aspects of water chemistry. Leslie’s AccuBlue analyzes 10, while also providing the highest level of precision in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you use chlorine, bromine, or biguanide as your primary sanitizer — AccuBlue provides accurate readings for sanitizers of all types.

Aspects of Water Chemistry Analyzed Most Water Tests AccuBlue
Sanitizer Levels
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness
Cyanuric Acid
Total Dissolved Solids (for non-salt pools)  
Salt Levels (for pools with salt systems)  

Perfectly balanced pool water

A clean, safe, and beautiful pool is one that’s properly balanced. Each part of the AccuBlue 10-point water analysis plays an important role in sanitization, swimmer comfort, and protecting pool surfaces and equipment.

Accublue Test Results and Range

Learn more about pool water chemistry

Pool care experts

Leslie’s pool experts have performed more than 50 million water tests. When faced with tough water balance questions, you know you can count on us to get your pool back on track. Just bring us a water sample for an always free in-store AccuBlue water test, and we’ll help you with the rest.

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AccuBlue Professional Adivce By Leslie's

The Leslie’s app

Easily track water test history, discover pool maintenance tips, and access your Pool Perks rewards in the Leslie’s app. Set up your pool profile to receive customized water treatment plans for weekly at-home or in-store water tests.

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AccuBlue Home®

Now, with AccuBlue Home®, you can bring Leslie's industry-leading water testing technology home with a membership that pays for itself. The compact, electronic water testing device pairs seamlessly with the Leslie's app to provide a comprehensive analysis and customized water treatment plan in 60 seconds. No other at-home water test comes close.

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