AccuBlue Home - Cleaner, safer pool water stress free.

The stress-free way to a safer, cleaner pool.

Introducing AccuBlue Home™. Professional pool care without leaving your backyard.

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Our best, no-stress water test

Say hello to smarter pool care—with accurate test results on your smartphone, and without test strips or guessing. AccuBlue Home™ is the same trusted tech found in Leslie's stores, now available at home. In just 60 seconds with one small water sample, you'll get a tailored treatment plan to bring your pool or spa back to perfect balance.

Don't get up. We deliver the goods.

With AccuBlue Home™, owning a pool can be even more relaxing—and rewarding. Low on chlorine, pool shock or algae control? Leslie's will deliver our signature products right to your door with one tap in the app.

Membership has its rewards

At only $50 a month, your AccuBlue Home™ membership pays for itself. Included, you'll receive $50 a month in AccuBlue® Membership Credits good at any Leslie's store, in the app, or online. It's like getting your membership money back while you shop for everything from essentials to pool toys. The program is also completely flexible—your membership can be paused1 or cancelled anytime.2

Simple testing in three steps.

Getting started with AccuBlue Home™ is fast and easy. We built it to be simple to use for everyone in your family.

Step 1

Plug in your AccuBlue Home™ Device

Step 2

Open your Leslie's app. Go to "My Pool" and tap "Test Your Water."

Step 3

Follow the on-screen prompts to pair with your device, test pool or spa water, and review your personalized water treatment plan.

Test your pool water easily with AccuBlue Home™

We know pools. Now you will too.

Ready to get started? There’s no time like now to experience the ease, simplicity and great rewards that come with AccuBlue Home™ membership.

Membership Details

AccuBlue Home Membership is $50 per month, but as a member, you will receive $50 each month in AccuBlue® Membership Credit that can be used in store, online, or through the Leslie’s app. You can also pause or cancel your membership anytime.2

1. You may pause your membership for up to four months during any twelve-month period. 2. You are required to return the AccuBlue Home™ device if you cancel your membership.
Frequently Asked Questions

Not with AccuBlue Home. With just a small amount of pool water, you have 10 accurate water parameter test results at your fingertips with step by step directions specific to your test results in the app.

The AccuBlue Home Device accuracy has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), an internationally recognized third party certification organization. The device received an L-1 designation, which is the highest level of accuracy.

The AccuBlue Home Device connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and will be controlled through the Leslie’s app. From the Leslie's app, you can run water tests and review your personalized treatment plan.

AccuBlue Home is powered by the same software engine that's used to test water in all of Leslie's stores. With an AccuBlue Home Device, you can generate a personalized prescription and treatment plan without ever having to leave home.

You can use your AccuBlue Membership Credits to buy any product sold by Leslie's; however, the credits cannot be used to pay for the AccuBlue Home membership fee itself. The AccuBlue Membership Credits can be used for up to twelve months after issuance.

You may pause your membership for up to four months during any twelve-month period. While your membership is paused, you will not be charged your monthly membership fee, and you will not be issued new AccuBlue Membership Credits, but you do not need to return your AccuBlue Home Device to Leslie’s. To pause your membership, simply login to your Leslie's account, click "My Account" in the top left corner of the page, and go to "Manage Subscriptions." From there, click the "Pause" button below the AccuBlue Home Membership to pause.

Yes, you will receive everything you need to get started. You will receive the AccuBlue Home Device, all required accessories, and a supply of test disks so you can begin testing your water immediately. Additional test disks and replacement accessories can be purchased online at

Yes, you can use the AccuBlue Home Device to test multiple pools and spas. Within the Leslie's app, you can create as many pool profiles that you would like. When you test your water using the AccuBlue Home Device, you can select the specific pool profile in the app that corresponds to the pool or spa you are testing. Our prescriptions are tailored to the unique specifications of your pool or spa, so be sure to select the proper profile.

Leslie's AccuBlue analyzes 10 unique aspects:
• Free Chlorine (non-Bromine pool or spa)
• Total Chlorine (non-Bromine pool or spa)
• Total Bromine (Bromine pool or spa)
• pH
• Total Alkalinity
• Calcium Hardness
• Cyanuric Acid
• Copper
• Iron
• Phosphates
• Salt Levels (for pools with salt systems)
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