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Leslie's Pool Opening Checklist

When the air gets warmer and the days get longer, you know that can only mean one thing — it's pool opening season! You've waited all winter to roll the cover off your pool and start preparing it for upcoming summer activities. But do you have everything you need to open your pool? Well you're in luck, because we've put together a pool opening checklist to help the process run smoothly.

Pool Opening Kits

The first item on our pool opening checklist is a Leslie's Pool Opening Kit. These pre-sized bundles include all the essential water chemicals you need to open your pool with ease. Leslie's Standard, Deluxe, and Premium kits include Spring Stain Away, Opening Algaecide, Ultra Bright Advanced clarifier, Chlor Brite pool shock, a Sun Sorb™ oil-absorbing sponge, and a 10-pack of pool water test strips to help simplify the pool opening process.

PRO TIP: Before you start opening your pool, check out the instructions for your Standard, Deluxe, or Premium Pool Opening Kit. These comprehensive instructions will guide you through each step of the pool opening process, including how and when to use the chemicals included in your kit.

Water Tests

pool opening checklist water test kits

No pool opening process is complete without testing and balancing your pool water chemistry, which is why pool test strips and kits are fundamental items on our pool opening checklist. However, before you grab your strips or testing reagents from last year, check the expiration date! Most test strips and kit reagents have a shelf life of roughly 24–36 months, and should be thrown out after that time. Expired testing materials can cause inaccurate water chemistry results, and thus incorrect balancing. Better yet, for the most accurate pool water testing experience at home, an AccuBlue Home® membership will bring the precision of an in-store water test to you! With AccuBlue Home, you'll also get a step-by-step water treatment plan for 10 different aspects of pool water chemistry delivered right to your mobile phone. You can't start enjoying the water unless you know it's clean, safe, and properly balanced, which brings us to our next topic...

Water Balancers

It's inevitable that your pool will need some water chemistry adjustments after its winter hiatus. Properly balancing your pool's water chemistry levels at the start of the season decreases the likelihood of your pool developing problems like algae or cloudy water later on. After testing your pool water, use the necessary water balancers to adjust chemistry levels so they're within the following ranges:

pool opening checklist water balancers

Leslie's Accublue® Water Tests

While at-home water tests are essential for routine maintenance, it's hard to beat the precision and expertise offered with Leslie's FREE in-store Accublue® water tests. Just bring a pool water sample into your neighborhood Leslie's for a complete 10-point analysis and customized water treatment plan. This process takes the guesswork out of balancing your pool water, and sets your pool up to stay healthy and safe all season. Or, as we mentioned earlier, the AccuBlue Home® program can help you enjoy the accuracy of an in-store water test from the comfort and convenience of your own home. It's the same technology, but in a compact, countertop-worthy design that's streamlined to be used with your smartphone.

Pool Cleaning Accessories

While you likely have most of these pool cleaning accessories already, pool opening is a great time to inspect your tools and replace anything old or damaged. A high-quality pool brush and leaf skimmer, telescoping pole, vacuum head, and vacuum hose are essential to keeping your pool clean and clear throughout the season. And if you're looking to make your regular pool cleaning even easier, upgrading to a high-tech automatic pool cleaner is the way to go!

pool opening checklist silicone lubricant

Pool Equipment Maintenance Supplies

After the long winter hibernation, your pool equipment will likely need a tuneup in preparation for the upcoming season. Pool lubricant and Teflon tape are a couple items you'll need to get your pool pump, filter, and other equipment in top shape. While reconnecting your pool equipment, apply the lubricant to all O-rings and gaskets. This ensures a strong seal, keeps the rubber from cracking, and prevents air and water leaks. Check the threaded fittings on your pipes and add a few layers of Teflon tape to tighten the connection and avoid leaks.

PRO TIP: Tired of your old, worn-out pool pump? Upgrade to a powerful, eco-friendly variable speed pool pump. These high-performing pumps easily handle the demands of swim season, and keep your pool fresh and clean all summer. They can also save you as much as 90% on your pool's energy bill, compared to a single speed pool pump.

Ladders, Diving Boards & Hand Rails

While reinstalling your pool ladders, diving board, and hand rails, inspect the hardware and screws. If needed, replace rusted, corroded, or broken pieces. And don't forget to grab a rail cover to avoid burned hands during the summer.

Solar Covers

Solar covers are a top must-have item on our pool opening checklist, thanks to the many benefits they offer. Lightweight and affordable, solar covers trap heat in your pool, and greatly reduce evaporation and chemical loss. Not to mention, solar covers increase your swim time by warming your pool early, so you have more time to enjoy it. And with the help of a solar reel, taking your solar cover off your pool is fast and simple.

Pool Accessories & Backyard Decor

pool floats

Get a head start on summer fun by stocking up on pool floats and games now. Already planning some summer pool parties? Be the talk of your neighborhood with our inflatable floats and motorized loungers. And no pool party is complete without pool games! Whether you're a football fan or a basketball buff, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

And don't forget about backyard entertainment and decor. Our elegant patio umbrellas, storage boxes, and fire pits will turn your backyard into a private oasis, perfect for a get-together. Add a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and you'll be ready for an epic backyard bash.

Leslie's Pool Opening Services

While pool opening season is an exciting time for many pool owners, it can also be a bit overwhelming. If you want a more hands-off approach to opening your pool this year, look no further than Leslie's. Our pool opening services make it easier than ever to get your pool ready for summer. From removing the pool cover, to reassembling equipment, our expert pool techs do it all. Just schedule an appointment online, purchase a Pool Opening Kit, and before you know it, your pool will be ready for you to enjoy!

Pool Opening Essentials

Pool Opening Kits

Pool Opening Kits

AccuBlue Home® Water Testing Device

AccuBlue Home®

Leslie's Chlorine Sanitizers

Chlorine Sanitizers

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