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Leslie's Premium Pool Opening Kit Instructions

As springtime approaches, it's time to think about opening your pool for the year. With a Leslie's Pool Opening Kit, you'll have all the essentials you need to start swim season off on the right foot. This set of instructions outlines the steps needed for using a Leslie's Premium Opening Kit, made for pools up to 35,000 gallons in size. The Premium Kit includes:

  • 4 lbs Chlor Brite
  • 1 qt Algae Control
  • 1 qt Ultra Bright Advanced
  • 1 qt Stain & Scale Prevent Start-Up
  • 1 qt Perfect Weekly Start-Up

Leslie's also carries two other sizes of Pool Opening Kits. If you're looking for instructions for the other sizes, click the links below:

Leslie's Standard Pool Opening Kit Instructions (for pools up to 7,500 gallons)
Leslie's Deluxe Pool Opening Kit Instructions (for pools up to 15,000 gallons)

NOTE: Temperatures should be consistently reaching 65–70ºF for at least a week before attempting to open your pool. By this point, the risk of freezing weather will likely have passed. Algae growth is more likely to occur as temperatures creep higher, so it's important not to wait too long before opening your pool.

Leslie's Premium Pool Opening Kit

How to Use a Leslie's Premium Pool Opening Kit

Always carefully read and follow all product label instructions, which include details for correct dosing, handling, storage, and application. When adding chemicals to the pool, run the filter pump on high speed unless the product instructions state otherwise. Remember to never mix chemicals, and allow ample time between different chemical applications.

If you did not winterize your pool for freezing conditions, and you're simply starting up a partially closed pool, skip ahead to step 4.

  1. Remove the pool cover and reconnect your pool equipment. Reinstall the drain plugs in your pump, filter, heater, etc.
  2. Remove winterizing plugs from the skimmer and return lines. If pool antifreeze was used to winterize the suction plumbing, you’ll want to discharge this to waste or backwash.
  3. Refill pool water to a normal level, around halfway up the mouth of the skimmer.
  4. Once the filter pump is primed, set it to run continuously until start-up is complete.
  5. With the filter pump running on high speed, add up to 1 quart of Leslie’s Stain & Scale Prevent Start-Up into the pool water. Do not exceed the label’s recommended dose for your pool size, and do not add this product through the skimmer! Wait 4 hours.
  6. Test and balance the Total Alkalinity and pH levels in your pool. Adjust Total Alkalinity first: 80–120 ppm. Then, adjust pH into the range of 7.4–7.6.
  7. Thoroughly brush and vacuum the pool.
  8. Broadcast 1 pound of Leslie’s Chlor Brite per 10,000 gallons across the surface of the pool with the pump running. Always use the entire 1-pound bag. For a 35,000-gallon pool, you’ll use all 4 bags.
  9. Test the Free Available Chlorine (FAC) level to make sure it’s at least up to 1–4 ppm. If below this range, continue adding Leslie’s Chlor Brite as necessary. Run the circulation system overnight.
  10. The next day, add 1 quart of Leslie’s Algae Control. Continue running the pump and wait for 2 hours.
  11. Following product label instructions, add the correct dose of Leslie’s Ultra Brite Advanced across the pool water surface. Wait 4 hours with the circulation system running. Check your pool filter pressure, and clean the filter as needed. Vacuum the pool again, if necessary.
  12. Test the water to ensure the FAC level is below 5 ppm. Shake up your bottle of Leslie’s Perfect Weekly Start-Up, and pour the correct dosage into the skimmer with the pump running. Continue to run your circulation system for an additional 48 hours. 
  13. Bring a pool water sample to your local Leslie’s for a free in-store AccuBlue® water test to ensure all aspects of your water chemistry are in balance and your pool is ready for swimming.

CLICK HERE for printable Leslie's Premium Opening Kit instructions.

For more info about opening your pool this spring and maintaining it throughout the year, check out our Expert Advice and Resource Center for helpful tips and articles. For any last-minute supplies you need, stop by your local Leslie's or browse our online selection of pool opening products. If you want help opening your pool, we encourage you to chat with our team of experts or schedule a pool opening service with one of our certified service technicians. Once the pool is open, you'll be ready for a fun-filled summer ahead!

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