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Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

Leslie’s Pool Supplies proudly carries Pressure Pool Cleaners from top brands like Polaris and Pentair at affordable prices to save you both time and money! In-ground booster pump pool cleaners are interchangeable - Pentair and Polaris pressure side cleaners work with different booster pumps.

What are the benefits of Pressure Side Pool Cleaners?
  • Fully automatic operation turns itself on/off every day.
  • Fully independent of your pool filtration and circulation system.
  • Fast cleaning, consistent power and programmable operation.
  • Sturdy reliable units with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Best for large debris, largest intake throats of all cleaner types.

How does a Pressure Side Pool Cleaner work?

The opposite of a suction cleaner that connects to your pool vacuum line, pressure-side pool cleaners are powered with water pressure and feature attached debris bags. The water feed hose attaches to a dedicated cleaner pipe or return line, with a 3/4 hp booster pump on a time clock, to provide consistent power, independent of the pool filter system, and fully automatic operation. A few low-pressure cleaner models - the Polaris 65, and the Polaris 360 do not require a booster pump, but connect to a wall return, and operate from water pressure provided by your filter pump. Easily the most popular pressure side pool cleaner, the Polaris 280 requires a booster pump and provides the ultimate sweep, scrub and vacuum for in-ground pools.

Booster Pump Installation

New installation requires installing a booster pump to draw water from the pool return line, and pump it to a point midway along the pool wall, where the cleaner feed hose connects. The final few feet can be run over the pool deck, or in a shallow deck joint, or pass the pipe under the deck and through the pool wall. The pump motor can be wired 110V or 220V; a timeclock and on/off switch is recommended.

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