Get Clearer Water with Leslie's Brand Chemicals

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Leslie's Pool Chemicals

3 in. Jumbo Chlorine Pool Tabs - 35 lbs. Bucket
Leslie's Chlorine Tablets
  • Kills all types of pool algae & bacteria
  • Long-lasting & slow dissolving
  • No fillers, glues, or binders
  • 99% trichlor, 90% available chlorine
  • Pro grade quality
  • The strongest available!
Leslie's Pool Shock
Leslie's Pool Shock
  • Three different shocks for different types of pools
  • Removes organics
  • Oxidizes ammonia & nitrogen compounds
  • Destroys irritants
  • Clean clear water at your fingertips
Leslie's Perfect Weekly
Leslie's Perfect Weekly
  • Triple Action Phosphate Remover
  • Clarifier with a Chemical Solar Cover
  • Provides superior pool quality
  • Add one capful (per 8,000 gal) once a week
Leslie's Algae Control
Leslie's Algae Control
  • An Algaecide Eliminator
  • Prevents Future outbreaks of Algae & Slime
  • Great for Pool Openings or Pool Closings
  • Quickly eliminates algae blooms
  • Non foaming, and highly concentrated
Leslie's Ultra Bright Advanced
Leslie's Ultra Bright Advanced
  • Clears cloudy water
  • Coagulates contaminants
  • Cleans water, sanitation and filtration systems
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No wait time for swimmers

Set your pool up for success with the highest quality pool chemicals available. From chlorine tablets and pool shock, to water balancers and clarifiers , Leslie's has what you need to maintain a clear and healthy pool. A well-balanced swimming pool means all aspects of water chemistry are within the proper ranges. Using the right doses of the best water balancing chemicals is an important first step in maintaining your pool. A balanced pool uses chlorine sanitizer efficiently, which in turn will control algae and bacteria in the water. Using a 3-in-1 product like Leslie's Perfect Weekly further helps maintain a healthy pool by removing phosphates, adding enzymes, and reducing water lost to evaporation. If you're struggling with cloudy pool water, Leslie's Ultra Bright Advanced helps boost the efficiency of your pool filter to clear cloudy water fast. To round out your algae management strategy and prevent algae all season long, use a few ounces of Leslie's Algae Control each week.