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The Best Red, White, and Blue Pools

The arrival of the 4th of July means summer and swim season are in full swing. It also means it's time to celebrate our country's Independence Day. Enjoying the holiday fun in the pool is great, but enjoying it in and around a pool decked out with our nation's colors is even better. For inspiration, check out this collection of some of the most patriotic Red, White, and Blue pools we've seen!

Flags, Floats and More!

USA flags waving and red, white and blue floats and decorations in and around pool

Most patriotic-themed pools feature red, white, and blue in flag form, balloon form, and/or float form. This beautiful house and pool went for all three, which is always a strong choice. Talk about a classic Americana feel!

Credit: @kerenprecel

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Wacky, Wavy, Inflatable Pool Style!

Patriotic red, white and blue balloons

This setup will inspire you to either belt out the "Star-Spangled Banner" or consider buying a used car. Either way, it's a festive option for decorating your backyard for the holiday. You probably don't want one of those bundles falling in the water, though; getting it out might be quite a spectacle.

Credit: @party__paradise

More Balloon Bonanza

Patriotic red, white and blue balloon archway over pool

It might not be quite as impressive as the one in St. Louis, but this arch adds quite a patriotic punch to this pool. Hopefully this house has a nice view of some fireworks on the 4th, because being in the water looking over that arch at a quality pyrotechnic performance sounds like a blast (see what we did there?)!

Credit: @party__paradise

Simply Stars and Stripes

American Flag on poolhouse

A simple American flag will always be enough. This stylish poolhouse, adorned with Old Glory, exudes the perfect amount of understated appeal. And the best part is that this particular patriotic pool decoration is one that's appropriate all year long.

Credit: @carterfamilyranchhome

Red, White & Blue ... with a View

USA decorations in and around pool

This backyard is pretty spectacular on its own, but the variety of top-notch decorations make it an ideal setting for any holiday celebration. We're especially fans of the bunting; it gives off a similar vibe to Major League Baseball Opening Day — another timeless staple of America.

Credit: @party__paradise

Patriotic Pool Inflatables

Red White and Blue tube and balls in pool

When in doubt, tossing a few appropriately-themed inflatables into the pool always does the trick. Benefits of this patriotic pool strategy include minimal clean-up and the functionality of being able to float on your U.S.A. pride! The balls are a nice touch, and they're easy fun for the kids or dogs.

(Speaking of dogs, check out the Instagram page that this pool came from if you love pictures of pups.)

Credit: @caninekaleidascope

Awaiting the Apple Pie

USA-themed decorations on table in front of pool

This 4th of July poolside dining setup is excellent. We can practically taste the grilled delights that will be enjoyed around this table. And the red, white, and blue glasses are a great touch to make sure everyone is participating in the holiday experience. 10 out of 10 would enjoy a fun meal and jump in the pool!

Credit: @rustychicdecor

BYOP: Bring your own Party!

Inflatable buffet cooler

Heading to a friend's or family member's house and want to bring some patriotic pool pride with you? Or maybe you just want something quick and easy for your own pool. We have a great collection of red, white, and blue items — including a Stars and Stripes Buffet Inflatable Cooler, a Stars and Stripes Inflatable Sun Chair, and other favorites.

For other backyard ideas or expert advice on all things pool and spa, stop by your local Leslie's and ask how they can help you make perfect poolside memories.

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