Leslie's Pool School- Session 2

leslie's pool school


2:45 How long should I run my pool pump?

3:59 How often Do I brush my pool?

5:13 How often do I clean out my filter baskets?

6:27 Is it necessary to shock my pool weekly?

8:16 What's the difference between pool shocks?

13:00 How important are professional grade products?

16:43 What do the enzymes do in Perfect Weekly?

18:55 How do I conserve water with my pool?

19:23 What are total dissolved solids or TDS?

24:30 How do mineralizers work?

26:22 what is cyanuric acid or CYA?

27:45 How do I prevent draining?

27:50 How do I reduce CYA or cyanuric acid?

29:40 Why do I have to drain my pool so often?

31:16 How do I prevent evaporation?

40:00 How do I maintain a salt water pool?

41:20 Do salt water pools use chlorine?

42:15 Do salt water pools have to be shocked?

45:25 Are salt water pools maintenance free?

29:40 Why do I have to drain my pool so often?

48:25 Do salt water pools taste like ocean water?

48:57 Why do salt water pools feel different?

50:32 Why is my salt water pool not generating chlorine?

52:23 How do I extend the life of my salt cell?

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