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Chlorine Quantity for Pool Size

Having sparkling, clean water is every pool owner’s dream. Using chlorine is one of the most crucial ways to kill bacteria, help remove algae, and destroy nonliving organisms like sweat, oils, and cosmetics. But just how much chlorine do you need? Leslie's has put together an easy to read chart that breaks this down by types of chlorine and pool size for normal maintenance. Here are a few tips before we dive into the chart:

  1. If you are using chlorine products as your primary sanitizer, we recommended to maintain a residual chlorine level of 2.0-4.0ppm to effectively kill bacteria and prevent algae.
  2. You may want to adjust the chlorine quantity depending upon the weather, seasonality, and your pool usage.
  3. Stop by your local Leslie’s store for a FREE AccuBlue® 10-Point Water Test or use a Water Test Kit. This will help you understand your pool’s current chemical conditions and more specifically what your current Free Chlorine level is.

PRODUCT APPLICATION 5-10K Gal. 10-15K Gal. 15-20K Gal. 20-25K Gal. 25-30K Gal.
Leslie's 3" Jumbo Tabs Weekly 1 - 2 Tabs 2-3 Tabs 3 - 4 Tabs 4 - 5 Tabs 5 - 6 Tabs
Leslie's Chlor Brite Granular Weekly 2 - 3 Oz 3 - 5 Oz 5 - 7 Oz 7 - 10 Oz 9-12 Oz
Leslie's Power Powder Plus Weekly 6-12 Oz 12 Oz- 1 lb 1 - 1½ lb 1½ - 2 lb 2 lb
Leslie's Chlor Sticks Weekly 1 - 2 Sticks 2 - 3 Sticks 3 - 4 Sticks 4 - 5 Sticks 5 - 6 Sticks
Leslie's Liquid Chlorine
(In-Stores Only)
Weekly ½ - 1 Gal 1 - 1½ Gal 1½ - 2 Gal 2 - 2½ Gal 2½ - 3 Gal
Leslie's Mighty Tabs Biweekly ½-1 Tab 1-1½ Tabs 1½ - 2 Tabs 2 - 2½ Tabs 2½ - 3 Tabs
Leslie's Fresh N Clear Shock Weekly

½-1 lb 1 - 1½ lb 1½ - 2 lb 2 - 2½ lb 2½ - 3 lb

This chart is used for normal chlorine maintenance, so remember to adjust your chlorine levels during the peak season or as often as needed. Always read labels and instructions when using your choice of chlorine product and any chemical feeders.

Now you know how much Chlorine you need! Still have questions?
Contact our friendly staff of pool and spa experts today.

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