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We Know Pools: The Leslie's Experience

At Leslie's, we believe you should be the hero of your own pool story. But just like your favorite action movies, the hero always needs a trusty sidekick to ensure success. Well, we want to be the Robin to your Batman. We're confident we're the most-qualified candidate for the job, because, well...We Know Pools.

For more than 50 years, Leslie's has had the back of pool and spa owners across the U.S., and we've used that time to not only provide everything you need, but also to innovate and improve what we offer, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time caring for it. From the basics —maintenance essentials, repair, and advice — to the fun stuff, and everything in-between, Leslie's has remained committed to helping you make the best poolside memories.

But instead of us only bragging about how great we think we are, we thought it would be good to hear from fellow pool owners and professionals about just how well We Know Pools.

Leslie's associate with customers at the register

We Know Expertise

With those 50-plus years in the pool and spa game, we've seen it all. And whether our team members' knowledge comes from being a longtime expert or from our ever-evolving training resources, you can bet we have a solution for whatever issues you might have — water health and clarity, cleaning essentials, equipment, or even a lack of backyard fun!

"I've been coming to Leslie's for more than 20 years, and they always have the answers. Even if it takes a few trips to figure it out, they always get my pool cleared up and looking great," says pool owner Dennis Grzelak of Scottsdale, Arizona. "I don't think it will ever happen, and I definitely don't want it to, but I'll be shocked if they ever can't figure out a problem I'm having (with my pool)."

A big reason why they're successful is because they place a high priority on working with the customer.

"Excellent customer service is where it all starts," says Lezlie Maurer, Assistant Manager of Leslie's Store 1115 in Gilbert, Arizona. "The key to fixing a problem is listening, really listening, to what their needs are before just jumping in."

And as satisfying as finding solutions is for our customers, our experts also find joy in it.

Maurer continues, "I've had customers come back in after we helped them, and tell us, 'you're a lifesaver. I did exactly what you told me to do, and my pool looks great!' So that's really wonderful to hear that they're following what we recommend and getting the results they want."

We Know Convenience

With more than 960 locations in 38 states, there's a good chance you've got a Leslie's store right around the corner. And because We Know Pools, we also know that issues can pop up and need to be addressed on any day. Nearly all Leslie's stores are open 7 days a week, and we do our best to have all products in stock when you need them.

New features include curbside pick-up and the ability to order online and pick up or return an item in-store so you can shop the way you want.

Finding the best and easiest ways to serve pool owners, as well as pool professionals, will always be a priority, because we know convenience is king, and the clock is always ticking.

“Leslie's has made the product availability a lot easier for us and at a better price than other local suppliers," says pool professional Aaron Morrison of Cool Pools Service and Repair in Phoenix. "And Leslie’s being open on the weekend is a big, big help. When you're out on a Saturday, and suppliers are closed, we want to get the job done. So that's definitely given us more success.”

Beautiful, clear pool water

We Know Sparkling Pool Water

When it comes down to it, the most important aspect of a pool is clean, clear, healthy water. Without it, safety and enjoyment become almost impossible. Leslie's is here to help keep your pool water in perfect balance. In addition to numerous blog posts that can guide you, our team members are expertly equipped with the experience, knowledge, and desire necessary for the job.

And, of course, there is the FREE in-store AccuBlue® water testing, which gives you detailed results and a customized, step-by-step treatment plan in 60 seconds.

"Water quality and water testing is the #1 thing people come in to see us for," says Jonathon Ochesky, General Manager of Leslie's Store 874 in Visalia, California. "Even if they have test strips or test kit results, they bring in a sample to test, and compare to what they got."

"I'd say about 60% of our customers have very limited pool knowledge, so they come in saying, 'I don't know what I'm doing.' They describe the issues, and we go from there until we find them everything they need to get their pool clear."

Leslie's associate repairing an automatic pool cleaner

We Know In-Store Services

Free AccuBlue® water testing isn't the only in-store service Leslie's offers. We know your pool has a number of different needs to keep it beautiful and swim-ready.

Having issues with your automatic pool cleaner? Bring it in for a free inspection. If we find something we can fix, we'll take care of the labor; you just pay for parts.

In fact, all in-store labor is free at Leslie's. When we repair any of your pool equipment in the store (cleaner, pump, motor, etc.), the only thing you'll ever pay for is the parts. And customers definitely take advantage of that benefit. During the past 15 years, we have conducted more than one million in-store repairs.

"Other than water testing, in-store shop work is the most popular service we provide in the store," Ochesky says. "People always ask what they owe, even for just looking at their equipment, so when we tell them it's free, they get a little shocked. It's fun to be able to surprise someone in a good way like that."

We Know At-Home Services

At Leslie's, we also know that not all pool needs can be handled in the store. From select repair work, to installation of equipment or safety features, to opening or closing services for your pool or spa, we have expertly trained technicians available to come to you.

Many customers are surprised by not only the variety of at-home services we provide, but by the fact that we even provide them in the first place.

"Before I had my pump replaced, I didn't even know Leslie's did work at customers' homes," says pool owner Pat Perez of Chandler, Arizona. "I came in to ask if (the store associates) knew of anyone who could help me out and they said, '(Leslie's) can do it.' The young man who came to my house was so nice, and he was able to figure out what was wrong, get it replaced, and back up and running in a single day. It was a great experience."

Leslie's associate helping a family find fun pool floats, toys, and games

We Know Fun!

OK, so remember earlier when we said the most important aspect of a pool is clean, clear, healthy water? We're changing our mind. The most important aspect of pool ownership is the FUN it brings to you, your family, your friends, and maybe even your pets (yes, we know pets are obviously family).

Without the fun, what's the point? We know you want your pool to be a source of serious joy, so we make it a priority to help deliver the goods however we can. Want the biggest, most ridiculous float in the neighborhood? We've got gigantic glitter dragons! Want to show you've got the sweetest shooting stroke among your friends? We've got basketball hoops galore, including some with your favorite NBA team's logo. Want your backyard to host all the fun events? We've got waterproof Bluetooth speakers and, get this, an inflatable 20-FOOT PROJECTOR SCREEN!

"We usually take a trip to Leslie's every summer with the grandkids, so they can pick out some fun stuff for the year," says Grzelak. "I'll be honest, I probably enjoy it as much as they do because of the reactions they have to some of the stuff. And that's before they even get to try it out. It's great."

The enjoyment isn't only for our customers. Our team members get a kick out of doing their part.

"It's fun for us, too, when we're able to help them," says Ochesky. "I love coming into work and sharing what I know to get their pool right. And I learn every day from hearing what the customers need and want. The best part is developing personal, lasting relationships with these people. I have one customer who, whenever she comes in and sees me, says, 'Oh, my best friend is here!' That's the best."

More Ways to Make the Most of Your Leslie's Experience

Because We Know Pools, and we know what it takes to properly take care of them, we also know some of the special touches that make it easier and better.

Our new Pool Perks rewards program features some serious benefits for those who join and shop with us regularly, including 5% in rewards on all purchases, free standard shipping, extended warranties on select equipment, exclusive discounts, and more.

And for those of you who like to handle things from your smartphone, the Leslie's App allows customers to view and track at-home water tests, access and use their Pool Perks account, find exclusive deals, view helpful maintenance tips, and so much more.

At the end of the day, we take pride in saying We Know Pools, because it allows us to help you make the most of your pool. It might sound cheesy, but that's what matters to us.

"I really enjoy the customers," says Maurer. "I really enjoy talking with them. We have really nice people who come in, and it feels good when they say, 'you guys are so great. We're coming back just because of you.' That's rewarding for us, and makes us feel like we're doing a great job and providing top service."

Call or visit your local Leslie's today, and experience all the many ways We Know Pools!

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