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Dive In on National Pool Opening Day!

National Pool Opening Day is almost here! As the last Saturday in April approaches, marking the official start of pool season, the ability to escape to our backyard oasis is of utmost importance. At Leslie's, we want to make sure you're getting the most out of family time, savoring moments of relaxation, and enjoying a little well-deserved fun in the sun.

You can celebrate National Pool Opening Day by:

Leslie's Fun in the Sun

Enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures with your family in the comfort of your own backyard

Leslie's Pool Care Checklist

Following Leslie's Pool Care Checklist to ensure a safe, clean, and beautiful pool all summer long

Leslie's Pool Floats

Relaxing on a collection of fun, colorful, and comfortable pool floats and loungers

Leslie's Pool Basketball and Volleyball

Playing in-pool sports and fun backyard games with family and close friends

Leslie's Stores

Picking up essential pool supplies and fun toys, games, and accessories at your local Leslie's

Why National Pool Opening Day?

Every year, pool owners scramble to open their pool before Memorial Day weekend. National Pool Opening Day allows people to take their time and open their pool the right way. This helps avoid the rush and costly mistakes that can come with waiting. By participating in National Pool Opening Day, pool owners can properly prepare themselves for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and all those weeks of summer fun ahead.

Get Your Pool Off to a Great Start!

Opening the pool in the spring is always an exciting time. Taking care of it in April just gives you a jumpstart! Whenever you're ready, we've lined up the steps for opening your pool. To ensure you don't miss anything, take a minute to read over our how-to article before getting started.

Another handy tool we've put together for you is our Leslie's Pool Care Checklist. This list is key to a healthy pool once you've opened it for the summer. You can print it out and check it often to keep track of essential routine pool care tasks. It'll help you keep the pool clean, clear, healthy, and swim-ready all the time! We also highly recommend one of Leslie's Pool Opening Kits to make your pool opening process go more smoothly. These kits contain every chemical you'll need to prepare your pool for the season ahead. No matter what you need for opening day, you can always find the best deals at Leslie's.

DIY TIP: Looking for the best way to test and maintain your pool water at home? AccuBlue Home® uses the same advanced technology you'll find with an in-store water test at your local Leslie's. In just 60 seconds, this compact device delivers your test results and a customized water treatment plan right to your smartphone via the Leslie's app. The best part? The membership literally pays for itself, and the testing device is free for members.

Where the Fun Begins

Every pool owner knows that opening your pool is only the beginning. After that all-important opening, it's time to pep up your pool area with all the toys, floats, games, and accessories you need to have a great time.

Bright and colorful inflatable floats bring every pool to life. They can be used for children to splash through the water, or for adults to relax while floating peacefully under the sun. Another way to take your pool time to the next level is with some poolside basketball hoops — you won't need years of training to dunk on these rims.

The fun doesn't stop when you get out of the pool, either. Keep snacks and drinks accessible poolside with a large cooler full of ice and treats. You can even set up drink dispensers nearby so you'll have water, punch, lemonade, or a few other beverages on tap for yourself and your guests.

We put together a collection of some of our favorite poolside floats and accessories. Check it out!

SAFETY FIRST: You know what else is fun? Being safe. Be sure to read our article on swimming pool safety tips.

Joining the Festivities

With more than 1,000 Leslie's stores across the country, it's easy to find everything you need to prepare for and celebrate National Pool Opening Day. Whether you need equipment, chemicals, floats, or even a new pool vacuum, you'll have no problem getting your pool season off to a great start with Leslie's. To find the best prices on pool care must-haves and other pool accessories, check out our Deals Page.

If you need expert advice on anything involved with opening your pool for the season, or if you'd like to have one of Leslie's certified service technicians take care of it for you, stop by your local Leslie's or request a pool opening appointment online.

Leslie's is here to help you prepare for swimming season and get the most out of your pool experience year-round. From our pool family to yours, Happy National Pool Opening Day!

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