Mineral Sanitizers for Hot Tubs

mineral sanitizer for hot tub

Mineral sanitizer systems for hot tubs have become quite popular in recent years. But the concept is nothing new. In fact, many ancient cultures used silver to sterilize their water, including the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. Modern hot tub mineral systems are much more advanced. They come in many shapes and sizes, but all have the same end goal in mind: clean, clear water that’s easy to maintain.

Mineral systems pack a one-two punch when it comes to sanitizing your hot tub. Minerals can effectively sanitize a hot tub on their own. But in order to create a complete water care system, a low level of bromine or chlorine must be added to supplement the minerals. Both support each other in fighting water contaminants, which reduces the amount of chemicals needed to disinfect your hot tub. Bromine use decreases by up to 50%, and chlorine use can drop by as much as 75%. With fewer harsh chemicals in the water, you won’t experience itchy skin, faded swimsuits or unpleasant chemical odors.

In addition to sanitation, mineral systems work to maintain your hot tub in a few other ways. We mentioned the reduced need for sanitation chemicals like chlorine and bromine. It's common knowledge that lower chemical levels mean less skin irritation. What we didn’t tell you is that mineral systems also condition the water for a luxurious, softer feel. After just one soak, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t try a mineral system sooner! Water balance is always top of mind for hot tub owners, since pH levels tend to fluctuate between uses. Another benefit of mineral sanitizers is that they keep pH balanced for a longer period of time. Balanced pH helps avoid cloudy water, leaving you with clean, clear hot tub water that truly sparkles. Customers who use a mineral sanitizer system are able to immediately see and feel a difference in their hot tub water.

There are many different ways you can use a mineral sanitizer in your hot tub. Complete floating systems are among the most popular, but mineral sticks for filter cartridges are also very common. If you’ve never used minerals before, it can be hard to choose between the different styles. Here’s a quick overview of our most popular hot tub mineral systems:

FROG® @ease®
Complete Mineral System with Chlorine

Hot tub maintenance is impossibly easy with the FROG @ease Floating System. Just test and re-balance the water once or twice each week, shock the spa once per month, and replace the silver SmartChlor® cartridge every 3-4 weeks. No guesswork needed - the system will flip over when the cartridge is empty. Patented SmartChlor technology keeps free chlorine levels at a constant level of 0.5-1.0 ppm. No more spooning chlorine granules into the water! SmartChlor does it all for you, using 75% less chlorine than a standard dichlor hot tub. The blue mineral cartridge lasts about 4 months, and is replaced with a new @ease kit. Each cartridge comes pre-filled, so there’s no messy measuring or dosing required. When it comes to hot tub sanitation, FROG @ease is the lowest maintenance system on the market today. For newer hot tubs with an in-line system, FROG @ease in-line cartridges are available

FROG® Serene™
Complete Mineral System with Bromine

If you prefer to use bromine in your hot tub, FROG Serene offers many of the same benefits as FROG @ease. FROG Serene uses up to 50% less bromine than a typical bromine spa, and maintenance is simple. Test and balance the water once or twice per week, add a weekly dose of shock, and replace the yellow bromine cartridge every 2-4 weeks when empty. The bromine cartridges have 6 settings to treat hot tubs up to 600 gallons. Minor adjustments may be needed until the water maintains an ideal bromine reading of 1.0-2.0 ppm. Cartridges come pre-filled so you never have to handle chemicals directly. The blue mineral cartridge lasts up to 4 months, and the green floating holder can be reused time and time again. FROG Serene cartridges are also available for in-line systems on newer hot tubs.

FROG® Filter Mate™
Supplemental Mineral System

Mineral sticks were first introduced to the hot tub industry over 20 years ago. Still today, they offer an effective way to reduce the amount of chemicals in your hot tub water. Just install one FROG Filter Mate in the core of your filter cartridge, and replace it every 4 months. That’s it! Since these systems don’t include bromine or chlorine like a complete mineral system, they do require a bit more hands-on maintenance. You’ll need to add a small amount of your favorite sanitizer to create a complete sanitation system. As with any other hot tub maintenance program, shock the water once per week, and maintain proper water balance for best results.

Mineral systems are a popular hot tub sanitation option for many reasons. Upgrading your hot tub to a mineral sanitizer system is very simple, and you’ll enjoy cleaner, clearer, softer water that’s much easier to maintain. Why not give it a try? Get back to enjoying your hot tub, and leave the stress of maintenance behind.

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