Leslie's Pool School - Session 1

With hundreds of stores, and thousands of customers, it's no surprise we hear a lot of questions about swimming pool care. We've decided to produce a pool school video series this season, answering any questions you might have. The video above showcases our first pool school, which aired live in May 2015.

Looking for the answer to a particular question? Check out the timestamps below to see if we cover it in this video!


4:42 How should I approach algae?

18:45 Are there any special chemicals I should use in my salt water pool?

24:40 How long should I run my pool pump?

26:24 How can I slow evaporation?

30:52 Is it possible to take care of the pool myself without hiring a pool guy?

34:56 Is it worth the investment to upgrade to a variable-speed pool pump?

41:00 I used no-name chemicals last season and opened up to a foamy mess. What now?

43:32 How do I deal with high calcium and scaling on my salt cell?

49:00 What weekly chemicals do you suggest for a vinyl liner pool?

52:20 How can I lower my CYA?

54:40 Is it worth treating algae while it's raining?

55:45 Do chemical test kits go bad?

56:32 Why do I get residue after using my chlorine tabs?

57:40 What is the best robotic pool cleaner?

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