Above Ground Pool Accessories

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Above Ground Pool Accessories

There are many components that make up the complete design of an Above Ground Pool. Routine maintenance, repair and replacement may occur from years of wear and tear. Here at Leslie’s, we have everything you need to keep your above ground pool looking like new and running at an optimal level.

Above Ground Skimmers & Hardware

One of the most important parts of a pool’s water circulation system is the Pool Wall Skimmer. Find replacement wall skimmers, skimmer baskets, and skimmer parts at Leslie’s. No matter what type of above ground pool you have, the right skimmer or skimmer part can be found here!

Above Ground Pool Ladders & Steps

The most popular style of Above Ground Pool Entry Systems is the A-Frame Ladder. These pool ladders are affordable, safe and built to last. Many above ground pool owners also opt to add pool steps for the water entry side. This not only enhances the look of your pool, but adds an extra element of safety. Find the perfect above ground pool ladder, steps and ladder accessories with Leslie’s Pool Supplies.

Pool Wall Foam Kits

Add an extra layer between your pool wall and liner to protect against heat loss with a Wall Foam Kit. Wall Foam is designed to create a smooth surface for vinyl pool liners, as well as prevents rust and corrosion. Protect your pool liner against punctures, leaks and stress from an affordable Above Ground Pool Wall Foam Kit.

Pool Coving Kits

Add an extra layer of protection for your vinyl pool liner with an Above Ground Pool Coving Kit. These liner cove protection strips create a smooth transition between the pool wall and floor. Prevent extra wear and tear to your liner with an easy-to-install Pool Coving Kit.

Pool Liner Floor Padding

Above Ground Pool Liner Padding is designed to create a smooth surface while preventing rocks, roots, and grass from penetrating your pool's liner. Pool Floor Padding also creates a smoother surface for pool cleaners to efficiently scrub and vacuum your pool. Protect your above ground pool liner with the exact shape and size floor padding as your pool.

Pool Liner Coping Strips

Looking for Liner Coping Strips to secure your vinyl liner to the pool wall? Find the perfect pre-built bundle of coping strips for your pool shape and size.