Swimline - Beaded 15' x 30' Oval Pacific Diamond 48 in. Depth Above Ground Pool Liner, 25 Mil

Item No. 318763 | Manufacturer SKU: LI1530PDB25
Item No. 318763 | Manufacturer SKU: LI1530PDB25
Swimline  Beaded 15 x 30 Oval Pacific Diamond 48 in Depth Above Ground Pool Liner 25 Mil

15' x 30' Oval Beaded Pacific Diamond 48" Depth Perma 25 Above-Ground Pool Liner More Details

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15' x 30' Oval Beaded Pacific Diamond 48" Depth Perma 25 Above-Ground Pool Liner
  • Protected against chemicals and UV fading
  • Beaded liners snap into a bead receiver or channel at the top of the above ground pool wall.
  • The liner is specific to the pool wall height (48" or 52").

For over 40 years, the name Swimline has been synonymous with quality and reliable delivery. With the finest and largest inventory in the industry, quality Swimline pool liners are available for round and oval above ground pools. These liners are made of virgin vinyl, with super strong double welded seams to last long winters and hot summers.

Swimline's liners are built to last. Computerized cutting tables network with their engineer's computer-aided design (CAD) and designing programs to eliminate the risk of human error. Additionally, Swimline's continuous beading machines attach the bead to the liners in one continuous seal to prevent gaps caused by short seals. Whether it's fit, design, pattern, or materials, these quality liners are unbeatable.

Please Note: Colors are not exact matches, but they're close. There is always a variation in the dyes from lot to lot.

Liner Pattern: Pacific Diamond
Liner Thickness: 25 mil
Product Type: Pool Liner
Size: 15' x 30'
Depth of Liner: 48 in
Liner Style: Beaded
Manufacturer: Swimline
Warranty: 15-Year
Shape: Oval

Fifteen (15) Year Limited Warranty and One (1) Year Full Replacement Warranty, see Owner's Manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.