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Product Review - Jacuzzi J-D300 Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Jacuzzi J-D300: High Quality, Durable and Affordable

Jacuzzi Pool Equipment, a name synonymous with quality, has created an affordable suction side pool cleaner to keep any inground pool clean with minimal maintenance. The Jacuzzi J-D300 Suction Side Pool Cleaner comes equipped with commercial-grade construction, boasting durability and providing worry-free pool maintenance each season.

What makes the Jacuzzi J-D300 stand out from the rest?

  • Includes a 40’ hose and free replacement diaphragm.
  • Quick setup: The J-D300 only takes a few minutes to install without the need for tools or a booster pump.
  • Extended 3-Year Warranty offered through Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan, available to Leslie's Pool Perks members.
  • Better cornering and overlapping patterns, reducing "missed" spots.
  • The J-D300 is suitable for all inground pool surfaces.
  • It's an affordable investment that fits into any budget.

Jacuzzi J-D300 Suction Side Pool Cleaner Right Side

Jacuzzi J-D300 Suction Side Pool Cleaner - Top View

Jacuzzi J-D300 Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Details to keep in mind:

  • Suction side pool cleaners typically are not designed to clean pool features (waterfalls, steps, or ladders). Clean those areas manually with a pool brush.
  • This cleaner is designed to vacuum small debris. Manually remove large debris and fallen objects before running the J-D300.
  • We recommend keeping this cleaner in the pool except when swimmers enter the pool or during shock treatments.
  • Suction side pool cleaners are powered by the pool pump, which may put some strain on your pool equipment compared to other types of cleaners.
  • The Jacuzzi J-D300 only has one moving part, the diaphragm, which will need to be replaced as it wears.

Still weighing your options? Here are some great customer reviews:

5 star review

"I switched to the J-D300 from the Kreepy Krauly and I like this so much more. It climbs and cleans better and all around easier to work with." - Ryan D.

5 star review

"I have replaced [my Kreepy Krauly] 3 times and they just do not last. I just purchased this new Jacuzzi J-D300 Cleaner and I love it. Quieter and does a much better job so far." - Allen

5 star review

"Best purchase ever!!! Super easy to install and relatively easy to adjust via weights on hose, this works better than any cleaner I've had in 30 years. Run, do not walk, away from your existing pol cleaner and get this guy. It works great!! ... I can't remember a product that I've been as pleased with." - Lon

5 star review

“Have used it two times since we got it and it works great. This one replaced one we had for over ten years. This one does not get stuck on the floor of the pool and it does our steps very well. Great find!” - Patricia B.

5 star review

“Love this! Tried 4 different cleaners and this is the only one that doesn’t get stuck on the drain or the stairs! Works great!” - Sergio C.

Final Thoughts

Many customers have been quite pleased with the Jacuzzi J-D300. This cleaner covers more surface area than a standard pool cleaner, and it packs a punch with very few moving parts. Long-lasting construction, a very affordable price, and a 3-year extended warranty through Leslie's Equipment Protection Plan make the Jacuzzi J-D300 one of the highest selling, most reliable suction side pool cleaners on the market.

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