Pool vs. Lawn: Water Use

When it comes to water conservation, your backyard pool may seem like the biggest culprit, but it actually uses less water than a lawn. Over time, a lawn the same square footage as your pool will require more water. The yearly water consumption of a lawn is 30,000 gallons more than a pool.

Pools use the most water in their first year, but even with the process of filling your pool it will still use less water than your lawn. A study by Santa Margarita Water District found that a 1,200 square foot pool in its first year will use 12,000 gallons less water than a lawn of the same size.

There is no need to drain and refill your pool every year, it only needs water added periodically to maintain the correct water level. For the most part, your pool uses the same water year after year, but your lawn has a constant need for water to stay green. Another finding by the Santa Margarita Water District study shows that an existing uncovered swimming pool will use 30,000 gallons less than a traditional lawn. That equals 2,000 showers – nearly 3 years of showers for one individual.
To make sure your pool conserves even more water this year, use a solar cover when your pool is not in use. A solar cover reduces the amount of evaporation and also helps to heat your pool. Adding a solar cover is an important step towards water conservation. Visit www.lesliespool.com or one of our many retail locations to find out which solar cover is a good fit for your pool.

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