Why You Need Hot Tub Covers

Why Hot Tub Covers?

Hot tubs can be the cure all for stress as you are bathing in the soothing water. At times, hot tubs can even be romantic. Hot tubs do require quite a bit of responsibility in order to keep the hot tub equipment, and water safe so that you an enjoy the time spent in the relaxing warm water and avoid constant chemical usage, or parts replacement.


One of the most imperative aspects to a hot tub is ensuring that your spa cover is usable, light-weight, and highly insulating. A quality hot tub cover will lessen the maintenance as well.

If you have an outdoor spa, your hot tub cover protects your spa water from dust, leaves, dirt, animals, etc. The most important part about having an ASTM safety standard approved hot tub cover is that it will protect your spa water from children or pets that may fall into the spa. Hot tub covers have saved many accidents from occurring.

Aside from the safety factors, hot tub covers lower the economical costs of running your spa cover. An energy efficient cover can nearly split your energy bill in half. Now what this means, is on the flip side, a hot tub cover that is not energy efficient can nearly double your energy bill which basically translates to money down the drain, and in this economy, we need to cut costs where we can. Think about all the essentials you can buy with the $50, $75, or even $100 a month depending on your area, and how much energy you save.

Once your hot tub cover becomes waterlogged, it is no longer energy efficient. Not many spa owners understand this. A soggy cover, is a cover that can not hold any R-Value. The heat simply escapes through the water soaked foam. Another  fact that not many spa owners know either, is that once the foam is water soaked, it is possible for mold to grow inside the cover. This will nearly make it impossible to maintain and balance your spa water, as well as it being harmful to be around.

If you have an indoor spa, you do not need the spa cover to protect your water from leaves, or outdoor animals; but you still need the cover to be energy efficient, and you may need to keep the spa safe for small children.

Again, a water soaked indoor spa cover wastes just as much energy as an outdoor water soaked spa cover.  The safety measurements on an ASTM safety standard approved spa cover is the same for an indoor spa, verses an outdoor spa. The only difference, is leaves, dirt, etc. Everything remains the same.

Remember, your hot tub cover will prolong the life of your hot tub as well, save you energy which is money (monthly), and keep the equipment running as little as possible. A cover that is water-soaked will not retain heat, which in turn will make the heater stay on and work in overdrive. Take the time and learn as much as you can about hot tub covers and what will work best for your application (weather, usage, etc).

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