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I saw this funny story (a little sad, too) about a guy who used a hot tub to get warm. I think he was using it more as a warm bath.

Here's the short story:

Maybe the judge thought it was an anemic defense claim. A man told a Broward County judge he was found trespassing in a hot tub at a luxury beachfront condo in Hollywood because he got chilly due to his anemia.

Torey Leonard, 23, was charged with trespassing Tuesday after taking an early morning dip in a hot tub at The Diplomat Oceanfront Residences, 3535 S. Ocean Dr., according to a Hollywood (Florida) police report.

According to the report, Leonard jumped over a fence and was found bathing in the hot tub sometime before 8 a.m. Leonard, who has no local address, was forced from the tub after refusing to get out, police said.

Leonard told the judge he was just trespassing because he was cold: "I'm anemic," he said.

"Can you take care of your anemic condition without going into the hot tub at The Diplomat?" Broward County Judge John "Jay" Hurley asked.

"I didn't do nothing but trespass," Leonard said.

He remained in jail Thursday on $25 bond.What this story does point out is that a locking hot tub cover would have solved the issue. We produce thousands of locking hot tub covers for facilities just like the Diplomat. They may be calling us any moment.

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