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Top 3 Pool Cleaning Tools

A telescoping pool pole is one of the most valuable tools you can have as a pool owner. Why? Because with a few simple attachments, you can convert that pole into the ultimate pool maintenance accessory. Keep reading to learn more about the top three pool cleaning tools:

Leslie's Pool Brush

Pool Brushes

pool leaf net

Leaf Nets

Pool Vacuum Head

Vacuum Heads

Pool Brushes

Regularly scrubbing the walls and waterline is a vital part of maintaining a clear, sparkling pool. That said, one of the most important — but often overlooked — pool cleaning tools is a nylon or polypropylene pool brush. Brushing serves several functions.

First, it keeps algae spores from accumulating on pool surfaces, which can lead to algae blooms. This is particularly important for corners and steps, where water may not circulate well. Algae on pool steps is not only gross to look at, it can become slick and create a safety hazard during entry and exit.

Second, brushing keeps dirt and organic contaminants in circulation so they can be filtered out of the pool. The longer dirt adheres to surfaces, the more likely it will cause stains and/or start feeding algae.

DIY TIP: An automatic cleaner that scrubs walls and floors greatly reduces the amount of time needed to brush the pool each week. However, it’s still important to manually brush the corners and crevices at least once or twice per week.

Third, brushing the walls, floors, steps, and waterline helps keep unsightly stains, biofilm, and waterline scale at bay. This preserves the appearance of your pool and eliminates the need for costly professional cleaning.

Last, but not least, brushing agitates the water and helps circulate chlorine throughout the pool.

DIY TIP: Struggling with stains and hard water scale? Maintaining proper water balance is a key prevention measure. In addition to your weekly brushing routine, bring a water sample into your local Leslie’s store for a free 10-point AccuBlue® water test. No matter the issue, we'll help you identify the best solution to prevent future problems. To remove existing stains and scaling, try using a stain eraser or pumice stone. Both are available as pole attachments for easy cleaning. A wire pool brush can also come in handy for stubborn algae or scale buildup in concrete or gunite pools

Leaf Nets

These handy pool cleaning tools go by many names, including skimmer nets, leaf rakes, and leaf skimmers. They’re one of the most popular pool cleaning accessories to use with a telepole. Leaf nets are useful for keeping large debris like leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and seeds from clogging up your skimmer basket or pool cleaner. They're made of mesh or netting material attached to a plastic or metal frame. Leaf skimmers are the flat style, and are good for skimming the surface. The other style, the leaf rake, has a deep bag shape, which is great for gathering large amounts of leaves or collecting debris from the pool floor. 

Vacuum Heads

Vacuum heads come in many different shapes and sizes. From wide commercial-style vacuums on wheels, to triangular vacuums with scrubbing bristles, there is a vacuum head for every type of pool. Vacuum heads are an economical, budget-friendly alternative to automatic pool cleaners. This pool cleaning tool is also useful in situations where you might want to vacuum “to waste” instead of using your regular cleaner. One example would be when cleaning up an algae bloom. In this scenario, you wouldn't want to contaminate your filter by using a suction side cleaner, and you certainly wouldn't want to propel algae spores around the pool with a robotic or pressure side cleaner. Another scenario might be if you were removing settled flocculant to clear up a cloudy pool.

Most vacuum heads connect to the dedicated suction line or pool skimmer with a standard 1.5” or 1.25” vacuum hose.

DIY TIP: If there are a lot of trees in your yard, there’s one other pool cleaning attachment you should buy for your telepole. The Leslie's Leaf Bagger Brush/Wheel Combo combines the best of all three worlds — it’s almost like having a vacuum head, pool brush, and a leaf rake all in one! Just connect it to your garden hose, add it onto your pool pole, and start cleaning. It's perfect for collecting lots of large debris from the bottom of your pool and keeping it out of your skimmer basket. Alternatively, a battery-powered pool vacuum can either be used on a telepole or as a handheld cleaner for a variety of cleaning scenarios. Again, it's a great way to keep excess debris out of your suction line.

If you’re looking for the most versatile cleaning solution for your pool, get yourself a telescoping pole. With three simple attachments — a brush, a leaf net, and a vacuum head — you’ll have the ultimate pool cleaning tool. Leslie's carries a full selection of top-quality cleaning attachments for you to choose from.

For questions about the different pool cleaning attachments and other pool maintenance solutions, call or stop by your local Leslie's.

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